Lightning Helm

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Lightning Helm
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Points of

Yiga Clan copy of the Thunder Helm


Complete Infiltrating the Yiga Clan
Wear Yiga Set
Complete first two rounds of Yiga Clan Training
Defeat nine Yiga Footsoldiers in under 1:00 in third round


100 rupees per round of training required.

Obtained from


Base Defense





The Lightning Helm is a piece of armour in Tears of the Kingdom. It is a Yiga Clan knockoff of the Thunder Helm.

Tears of the Kingdom

When the Yiga Clan stole the Gerudo treasure called the Thunder Helm, they managed "to complete a thorough analysis of it" before Link successfully retrieved it and returned it to Riju. While they could obtain the metals and gems used, they were unable to make the resulting copy work. As the researcher who created the copy neared their limit in testing, a disguised Yiga "learned about a special stitching technique" from a fledgling tailor. After applying this to the copy, it worked for the first time, and the Lightning Helm was created.

However, it worked only for those who were compatible with it, and the researcher who created it died from his lightning-inflicted injuries before he could train anyone in its use, and no Yiga Clan member was thus able to use it. It became a prize for whoever could best nine Yiga Footsoldiers within one minute in the third round of Yiga Clan Training. When Link infilitrated the Yiga Clan Hideout, having obtained a full Yiga Set of armour from raiding their surface branch offices, he made it through three rounds of training, earning Yiga Fabric, an Earthwake Manual and the Lightning Helm itself.

Link can wear the Lightning Helm in place of the Yiga Mask in a Yiga hideout and not get caught for it.