Lightning Proof

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Lightning Proof
Detail of the Unshockable Bonus in the Inventory menu in full effect


Upgrade from

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Complete electricity immunity

Lightning Proof, also known as Unshockable, is an immunity to all electrical damage in Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom.

Breath of the Wild

Lightning Proof is the given effect of the Thunder Helm, and is the Set Bonus of the Rubber Set under the alternative term "Unshockable". It negates electric damage completely, as well as blocking the effects of environmental lightning. In the case of the Rubber Set, it has to be upgraded to at least ★★ tier for Unshockable to take effect. Wearing armor with Lightning Proof in full effect will prevent Link from dropping his weapons altogether.


Meals & Elixirs

Main article: Breath of the Wild Electro Meals

Lightning Proof per se, unlike Shock Resistance, cannot be attained through meals.

However, many meals can provide weaker effects similar to Lightning Proof, typically involving Zapshrooms, Voltfruit, Voltfin Trout or Electric Safflina in their cooking. Level 3 Shock Resistance meals and elixirs cause Link to be immune to electric attacks, but not to environmental lightning.

The elixir which provides Shock Resistance is the Electro Elixir.


  • The purple lightning of Vah Naboris cannot be negated with Lightning Proof/Unshockable
  • When Thunderblight Ganon attacks Link with metal pylons, the lightning striking the pylons will still harm Link.

Tears of the Kingdom

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Lightning Proof is now the term used for the set bonus of the Rubber Set, as well as the given effect of the Lightning Helm, a Yiga Clan copy of the Thunder Helm.