Earthwake Manual

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Earthwake Manual
Earthwake Manual - TotK icon.png
Icon of the Earthwake Manual




Complete Infiltrating the Yiga Clan
Complete first round of Yiga Clan Training
Defeat six Yiga Footsoldiers within one minute in Yiga Clan Training


100 rupees per round of training required.

Learned from

How to Perform

Hold charge attack button with no weapon equipped.


The Earthwake Manual teaches a Yiga Clan skill in Tears of the Kingdom.

Tears of the Kingdom

The Earthwake Manual is an item obtained from the Yiga Clan as the second reward from training with a Yiga Blademaster in the Yiga Clan Hideout. Note that Link will need to get and continuously wear the full Yiga Set of armor to blend in with the rest of the Yiga Clan and prevent them from recognizing him, and that the second round of training costs 100 rupees per attempt.

The Earthwake Manual allows Link to use the Earthwake technique by pressing the attack button with no weapon equipped. Doing so will create a tornado-like attack that can be controlled in terms of power and range. Note that attacking in this way will use up an amount of Link's stamina proportional to the distance and power of the attack.