The Never-Ending Lecture

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The Never-Ending Lecture



Throne Room, Zora's Domain



Speak to Chroma & Khira


Retrieve Zora Helm from Floating Scales Island





The Never-Ending Lecture is a Side Quest in Tears of the Kingdom.


According to Khira, when Link sent his Zora Set to Zora's Domain to be fixed, the "Zora helm previously used in battle was damaged beyond repair." Thus, when Yona found information that another one was "stored in a sky fish", she passed it on to Khira and Chroma to find it. Khira directed Chroma to find it. Chroma took it literally, and "desperately searched the river for the fish that ate the Zora helm". For this, and other reasons, Khira lost patience with Chroma, and began lecturing the latter on the need for propriety as an "attendant of Queen Yona".

When Link interrupts the lecture, he hears about all this, along with a quiet pleading from Chroma for him to help.

After he retrieves the Zora Helm, he can return to show it to Khira & Chroma. Khira realises that, as it was on a Sky Island, it was impossible to find it. While Chroma is relieved, hoping the lectures would end, Khira takes her relief as an excuse to further lecture her, much to Chroma's despair.


To activate the quest, the Sidon of the Zora quest must be complete.


Travel to Floating Scales Island. There is a hole in the side of the "fish" on the northern side, just where the "body" joins the "tail". Link can enter the grotto here to find a Treasure Chest containing the Zora Helm.

Adventure Log

Step Description
It seems that Chroma and Khira are looking for the Zora helm in order to thank you for saving the domain.
Apparently it rests within a sky fish... but what could that be referring to?
You discovered a hidden entrance into the Floating Scales Island, a fish-shaped island floating in the sky. Within, you acquired the Zora helm.