The Corridor between Two Dragons

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The Corridor between Two Dragons



Speak with Kazul near his tent in front of Thyphlo Ruins Skyview Tower OR Read the monolith near Kazul's tent


Solve the monolith's riddle


3x Ruby




The Corridor between Two Dragons is a Side Adventure in Tears of the Kingdom.


Must have started Investigate the Thyphlo Ruins, and completed Yunobo of Goron City.


While Link was busy saving Goron City, Kazul has uncovered a monolith, and needs Link's help to solve the riddle and find the location that it refers to. The inscription on the monolith reads Display the power of the Sage of Fire to blaze through the space between two dragons, from head to tail.


The location in question is just to the west of Thyphlo Ruins Skyview Tower, and the "two dragons" mentioned in the riddle are the two stone dragons that form a corridor right in front of the lone stone bridge that leads from Thyphlo Ruins island to the mainland. At the end of this corridor is a short Owl Statue with a paved square directly in front of it (0246, 3121, 0174). While standing on the paved square, face directly west (looking straight down the dragon corridor), activate Yunobo's ability, and charge him right down the corridor. This should cause the paved square you are standing on to rise from the ground, revealing a chest that contains three Ruby.

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