The Long Dragon

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The Long Dragon



Speak with Kazul near his tent in front of Thyphlo Ruins Skyview Tower OR Read the monolith near Kazul's tent


Solve the monolith's riddle


3x Topaz




The Long Dragon is a Side Adventure in Tears of the Kingdom.


Must have started Investigate the Thyphlo Ruins, and completed Riju of Gerudo Town.


While Link was busy saving Gerudo Town, Kazul has uncovered a monolith, and needs Link's help to solve the riddle and find the location that it refers to. The inscription on the monolith reads Display the power of the Sage of Lightning at the end of the long dragon that protects the mountain of death.


This riddle is a little more tricky, as the "long dragon" that is referenced in the riddle is not a normal statue, but a paved walkway that starts at a dragon head statue in the southeast corner of the island, and meanders along the east coast of the island before running inland to end at a paved square (0451, 3084, 0174). While standing at the "tail" of the dragon, activate Riju's ability and shoot an arrow at the paved square once the lightning field envelops it. This should cause the square to rise from the ground, revealing a chest with three Topaz.

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