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Member of



Breath of the Wild
Travels the road between the Riverside Stable and the Wetland Stable
Tears of the Kingdom
Thyphlo Ruins

Kazul is a character found in Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom.

Tears of the Kingdom

Kazul is part of the Zonai Survey Team and can be found at the Thyphlo Ruins, near a Cooking Pot, just southwest of the Thyphlo Ruins Skyview Tower.

When Link is nearby, he calls him over, saying that he has been waiting for him.[1] Kazul recently discovered the Thyphlo Ruins, but it's such a big project that he wrote to the Zonai Survey Team, asking for an assistant. Shortly after he sent the letter, Link arrived.[2] After Link tells him he's not part of the survey team, he mentions that he hasn't quite made any notable discoveries yet, so for the time being, he can continue to investigate alone.[3][4]

Investigate the Thyphlo Ruins

Main article: Investigate the Thyphlo Ruins

After Link has completed one of the Regional Phenomena, he can return to the Skyview Tower at Thyphlo Ruins. Kazul has setup camp just southeast of the tower, still waiting for an assistant to arrive to help with his research.[5] He begins to mumble to himself, but Link can hear what he had to say. He mentions needing help with monolith research, but quickly tells Link to scrub that from his memory. He can only tell this kind of information to members of the Zonai Survey Team.[6] Although after thinking it over, he feels that Link does look like an adventurer who can help and he decides to hire him as a research assistant.[7] Kazul will then show the tablet he has discovered, which begins the Investigate the Thyphlo Ruins quest.[8]

The Owl Protected by Dragons

Main article: The Owl Protected by Dragons

After completing the Wind Temple and awakening Tulin as the Sage of Wind, return to the Thyphlo Ruins and speak with Kazul. After reading the tablet, Kazul will mention that the text here is written in Hyrulean. Kazul wants Link to find the location that is referenced in the text.[9][10] The text reads, "Display the power of the Sage of Wind to the owl protected by many dragons." This will begin The Owl Protected by Dragons quest.

South of the Skyview Tower is a large owl statue. Link can stand on the square pedestal and use Tulin to blow a gust of wind at the statue. This will cause the platform to rise. Open the chest that contains three Saphire gems to complete the quest. Link can return to Kazul to give him the news that he found it.[11] Kazul well mention that he'll go and take a look at it shortly. If Link has no other sages with him, this will be the end of the work for him for now. Kazul suggests Link check back as he is sure to find another monolith.[12][13]


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