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Spotting Spot
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Find Spot and bring him back to Lester


Swift Carrot
Can register Spot as own horse



Spotting Spot is a side quest in Tears of the Kingdom. The quest giver is Lester, who can be found at Lookout Landing .


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Complete The Incomplete Stable.


  • Lester will lament about his missing horse, noting that he is probably still nearby, and can be identified by his beige coat and numerous spots.
  • Exit Lookout Landing to the south and travel a short distance to the southwest. There will be a group of horses, and Spot will be among them.
  • Sneak over to Spot, mount him, and tame him.
  • Return him to Lester at Lookout Landing to complete the quest. The reward for completing the quest will be a single Swift Carrot. From then on, Link can register Spot as one of his own horses.

Adventure Log

Step Description
Lester, who manages the stable at Lookout Landing, told you his beige, dappled horse, Spot, ran away. Spot is supposedly timid though, so he may still be close by.
You brought the beige, dappled Spot to Lester. The swift carrot he gave you in return is a specialty crop of Kakariko Village, located in Necluda to the southeast.