Camera Work in the Depths

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Camera Work in the Depths




Speak with Robbie and Josha at Lookout Landing


Take a picture of the Statue with raised arm




Camera Work in the Depths is a Main Quest found in Tears of the Kingdom


  • After activating the Lookout Landing Skyview Tower, Link will be able to speak with Josha and Robbie at Lookout Landing. Josha has an image of a figure from a piece of slate that came from the Depths. She wants to know more about it, but Robbie won't let her venture into the depths. Instead Robbie is going to go investigate and has asked Link to join him. Josha will give Link some Brightbloom Seeds and some Arrows so that he can better navigate the Depths.
  • Travel to the Hyrule Field Chasm, south of Lookout Landing. You'll find Daval glancing down into the depths. Jump on down and as you get deeper, carefully using the Paraglider to glide down. At the Depths, Link will find Ponnick, a member of the Zonai Survey Team who helped Robbie down here. However, before he can do anything, Robbie went deeper into the Depths and Ponnick lost track of him.
  • From the Chasm, use Brightbloom Seeds to navigate the darkness. Link can travel southeast a bit to reach the Nisoij Lightroot. Activating it will brighten up a good portion of the area, making it easier to see. From the Lightroot, Link can travel west to a small camp fire in the distance. Next to it is a Note on the Table, which is from Robbie.
  • From the Note on the Table, Link wants to travel directly west. Another Lightroot can be seen in the distance. Along the way, Link will encounter a variety of enemies that he can either battle with or run away from. Use Brightblooms to eventually reach the Lightroot and activate the Iayusus Lightroot.
  • Robbie can be found at the small campfire, right next to the Iayusus Lightroot. Speak with him and he'll upgrade the Camera on the Purah Pad. This will also unlock the Hyrule Compendium.
  • Pull out the Purah Pad and take a picture of the Statue with raised arm. After taking a picture and showing it to Robbie, he'll be satisfied with it. Robbie will return to Lookout Landing and asks Link to join him there soon.
  • Return to Josha and Robbie at Lookout Landing and show Josha the picture. As a thanks for going on this journey, Josha will reward Link with five Zonaite.

Adventure Log

Step Description
Josha showed you an image of a figure on a piece of slate from the Depths. She thinks it's evidence of a people that once lived there. Robbie said he'd go to the Depths to find her anything that shows another such figure. He wants you there to take a picture of it with the Purah Pad's camera, if necessary. Join him at the chasm south of Lookout Landing.
You found Robbie inside the chasm, down in the Depths. He unlocked your camera and asked you to give it a try, by taking a picture of a nearby statue.

The statue seems to be very similar to the figure on the slate fragment that Josha is studying.
You took a picture of the statue, and Robbie said it captured the mysterious figure well.

Head to Lookout Landing and show the picture to Josha.
You returned to Lookout Landing with your picture of the statue. Josha said you'd made a big discovery that could lead to truly understanding what the Depths are.

She's going to search through what others have found in the Depths, hoping to find more slate fragments with these mysterious people.