Mini Stable

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Mini Stable
Mini Stable Lookout Landing - TotK.jpg
Lookout Landing Mini Stable





Lester (Lookout Landing)
Pirou (Digdogg Suspension Bridge)


Register, board and stable horses


Mini Stable is a type of location in Tears of the Kingdom.

Tears of the Kingdom

There are two Mini Stables found within Hyrule. The first can be found above the Digdogg Suspension Bridge, while a second one is built at Lookout Landing, after completing The Incomplete Stable quest. As "Mini" stables, Link can only register horses, or board & take horses he owns. There are no beds; and nor can Link redeem Pony Point rewards, although he can collect Pony Points on his Pony Points Card for later redemption elsewhere.

Digdogg Suspension Bridge

Digdogg Suspension Bridge Mini Stable

The Mini Stable is located on top of the suspension bridge, just west of the Great Plateau. The stable is run by Pirou, who once helped run the Gerudo Canyon Stable, but since the Upheaval messed up the weather, he had closed up shop and opened the Mini Stable instead.[1]



  1. "Hey, buddy. If you're going to Gerudo Canyon over the suspension bridge, you'd better be careful. I used to have a stable in the canyon... But ever since the Upheaval sent the weather all screwy, horses hate the place. No horses meant no travelers meant no business for my stable. I was ruined. I had no choice but to relocate and open a mini stable over here. But boy, do I miss the old spot.." — Pirou, Tears of the Kingdom