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Pirou is a character in Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom.

Breath of the Wild

Pirou can be found at the Gerudo Canyon Stable, leaning up against the stable. Pirou absolutely loves Rushrooms and when he was just five years old, he would eat them every day. This would cause him to win every race he was in. However, now as a 60-year-old man, his body isn't quite what it use to be. He struggles to move around and stays in one spot for most of his time.

Rushroom Rush!

Main article: Rushroom Rush!

Once Link speaks with Pirou, he will ask him if he has any Rushrooms.[1] Here he will ask Link to bring him 55 rushrooms and in exchange, he will give him a Diamond.[2] This will begin the Rushroom Rush! side quest. Pirou encourages Link to check nearby to find Rushrooms, as they grow anywhere where there are cliffs.[3]

After gather 55 Rushrooms, Link can return to Pirou and give them to him.[4][5] This will complete the quest. Pirou doesn't actually give you the Diamond, but instead, tells you that it is in a treasure chest right behind the stable. Prior to give him the Rushrooms, this chest will not be there.

Tears of the Kingdom

Pirou runs the Mini Stable, located above the Digdogg Suspension Bridge. He was once the stable owner out in Gerudo Canyon, but ever since the Upheaval caused the weather to get all messed up, no horses wanted to be near the Gerudo Stable. The lack of horses, meant no travelers, and thus, no business for a horse stable. Pirou has since relocated to the Digdogg Suspension Bridge, building the Mini Stable.[6]

If the Mini Stable is the first stable Link visits, Pirou will get Link registered with the Stable Association]].[7] Pirou will answer your questions about horses and what stables, but since this is a mini stable, it is a one-man show and he has only a few simply offerings.[8][9] Pirou will give Link a Pony Point for visiting the Mini Stable and mentions Link can get points at stables for resting at the stable, visiting new stables, and registering horses. However, the rewards Link gets are found at other larger stables.[10][11][12]


  1. Buddy... Got any rushrooms? - Pirou
  2. See, I... I'm tired. Tired of going normal speed, I mean... I first tried rushrooms when I was five years old... And come to think of it, I ate them every day since without fail... Back in the day, I'd win every race I ran thanks to those things... Cut to 55 years later... Now I can barely drag these bones off the ground without those rushrooms. But not matter how many I eat to fortify myself... I'm just too old to get up the cliffs to pick rushrooms where they grow... That's why I'm letting all able-bodied sorts know that I'm in the market for 'em. I'll give a diamond for 55 rushrooms. That's worth the effort, right? If you want to do business, just come talk to me. I'm always here. - Pirou
  3. You want to know where to pick rushrooms? They grow all over the place. Rushrooms tend to grow on cliffs, so they'll be everywhere around here. No shortage of cliffs. If I was five years younger, I'd be picking them myself... The deal's for 55... It might be a pain to get 'am all, but I hear diamonds have a pretty high value throughout Hyrule. Not a bad deal, eh? And I'm always waiting right here when you're ready to do business. - Pirou
  4. I thought you'd come back... You bring the stuff? - Pirou
  5. 5... 15... 25... 35... 55... Heh, yep, they're all here... I left that rock I promised you behind the stable. Beats me why anyone would go to such trouble for a little ol' rock... I'd rather have rushrooms any day. Heh. Come back when you get more. I'm always here. I can't give you any more diamonds, but I CAN offer twice the market value for 'em. Just remember that I won't deal in any volume other than 55 at a time. - Pirou
  6. "Hey, buddy. If you're going to Gerudo Canyon over the suspension bridge, you'd better be careful. I used to have a stable in the canyon... But ever since the Upheaval sent the weather all screwy, horses hate the place. No horses meant no travelers meant no business for my stable. I was ruined. I had no choice but to relocate and open a mini stable over here. But boy, do I miss the old spot." — Pirou, Tears of the Kingdom
  7. "Let me fix that. Give me your name and I'll get you all registered with the Stable Association." — Pirou, Tears of the Kingdom
  8. "Link, right? OK, you're registered! Right, now let me start over... This is my mini stable. You got a horse question? I got a horse answer." — Pirou, Tears of the Kingdom
  9. "Y'see, a full stable has workers ready to take care of horses and lodgings so that weary travelers can rest their heads. But my mini stable here is a one-man show, and I can only offer a few simple comforts. But I'm happy to help ya register, board, or take out a horse!" — Pirou, Tears of the Kingdom
  10. "Whoops, almost forgot. I haven't given you your Pony Points card yet, have I?" — Pirou, Tears of the Kingdom
  11. "Members who visit stables and use their services earn points. On that note, you get a point for using this mini stable for the first time... I'll go ahead and take one point on to your Pony Points card." — Pirou, Tears of the Kingdom
  12. "So you get a point for each new stable you visit. Rest at one? Pony Point. Register a horse? Point this guy up. Save up enough points and you can earn some mighty fine rewards. Not that this mini stable has any of those on hand. You'll have to go to a full-blown stable to get 'em. See ya. Take care on the road." — Pirou, Tears of the Kingdom