Digdogg Suspension Bridge

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The Digdogg Suspension Bridge is a location found in Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom.

Breath of the Wild

The Digdogg Suspension Bridge can be found just west of the Great Plateau and it connects the road, leading from Hyrule Field, heading southward towards the Gerudo Canyon Pass. The series of bridges extend over a large unnamed body of water, which is the end point for multiple large rivers including the River of the Dead and the Regencia River.

At the center of the large island, Link will encounter a Blue Hinox. The hinox carries a Moonlight Scimitar and a Royal Bow around its neck.

There are numerous Koroks that Link can collect in the area around the bridge. Down below in the water, there are circle of rocks near the northeast part of the lake, as well as at the east end of the lake, near the waterfall. Toss a rock in the circle to get Korok Seeds. One more Korok cane be found near the water and it is just southwest of the largest island. Jump into the circle of lilies to get the Korok.

Way up on the side of the cliff to the west, just south of the waterfall that comes from the Regencia River, there is a rock that Link can pick to find a Korok. Another Korok can be found on the much lower cliff, located just northwest of the Dah Kaso Shrine. Use Magnesis to place the block in the proper spot to get the Korok.

There are a pair of Koroks to collect at the north side of the bridge. One can be found underneath a rock just northwest of the bridge, towards the waterfall that comes from the Regencia River. Another can be found underneath a rock that is on top of the tree, way up the cliff, just north of the bridge.

Dah Kaso Shrine

Main article: Dah Kaso Shrine

The Dah Kaso Shrine can be found underneath the bridge on the ground level near the lake. The shrine is A Minor Test of Strength shrine, which has a Guardian Scout II who wields a Guardian Spear. After defeating him, open the treasure chest to get an Ancient Core. Then speak with Dah Kaso at the altar to get a Spirit Orb.

Just outside of the shrine, there is a Raft that Link can use to navigate the water and return to land.




Nearby Korok Seeds

Lift the rock in the tree.

Climb up the tree and lift up the rock.

Pick up the rock.

On the ledge there is a lone rock that you can pick up.

Throw a rock into the circle. You may have to slide the rock over a cryonis block.

Throw a rock into the circle.

Solve the block puzzle.

Solve the block puzzle.

Tears of the Kingdom

The Digdogg Suspension Bridge is a large bridge found just west of the Great Plateau. The Digdogg Suspension Bridge acts as a home for the Zonai Survey Team, who are investigating the ruins that have fallen at the Gerudo Canyon. On the large island in the middle of the suspension bridge, the ruins to the west have a treasure chest up above, which contains a Portable Pot.

Early in the game, at the very north end of the bridge, Cado can be found with his Donkey. If Link speaks with him, this will trigger the Impa and the Geoglyphs Main Quest. However, if Link begins this quest by talking to Cado elsewhere in Hyrule, Cado will not appear by the bridge.

Just beyond the north end of the bridge, there is an enemy camp with numerous Electric Chuchu, Soldier Construct IIs, and a Captain Construct II. Once defeated, Link can open a chest which contains five Portable Pots.

Korok Seeds

  • Just northeast of the bridge, beyond the enemy camp, there is a tree with some Hylian Tomatos around it. Lift the rock in the tree to get the Korok Seed.
  • After crossing the first bridge from the north, there is a hidden balloon, underneath the arch, between bridge the first and second bridge. Link can use the Paraglider and shoot an arrow to pop the balloon. He can also carefully stand at the ledge, a bit further down and shoot the balloon.
  • Underneath the third bridge from the north, drop down to the lake below. On the surface here, there is a cork stick out of a tree stump. Grab it with Ultrahand and put it as deep underwater as possible. It will spring back up, popping out of the tree stump, causing the Korok to appear.
  • Underneath the fourth bridge from the north, there is a small ledge at the northern end of the bridge. Lift the rock here to get the Korok.

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