Hyrule Field Skyview Tower

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Hyrule Field Skyview Tower

Hyrule Field Skyview Tower is a location in Tears of the Kingdom. It is one of the many Skyview Towers found throughout Hyrule.

Tears of the Kingdom

The Skyview Tower is located within Hyrule Field. A Bokoblin Camp can be found surrounding the tower, just to the east. Link will need to climb this monster tower, defeating or avoiding the enemies in order to reach the the Skyview Tower.

Activating the Tower

The monster camp consists of a Blue Bokoblin and a Blue Moblin. As Link begins climbing the ramp leading to the Skyview Tower, he'll encounter three more Blue Bokoblin, who will roll a Spiked Iron Ball down towards Link. Link can either doge the Spiked Iron Ball, or he can use Recall to send it back up to the enemy Bokoblin.

Further inside the base, there is a Boss Bokoblin, surrounded by four more Blue Bokoblin. One of these smaller Bokoblin has a strong defense and Link will need to use a spike or boulder based weapon to break his defense.

The enemy base is surrounded by dangerous Bomb Barrels, as well as some Iron Boxes that can be used as weapons. There are also numerous Wooden Crates that when broken, will give out some Arrows as rewards.



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