Gerudo Highlands Skyview Tower

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Gerudo Highlands Skyview Tower

Gerudo Highlands Skyview Tower is a location in Tears of the Kingdom. It is one of the many Skyview Towers found throughout Hyrule.

Tears of the Kingdom

The Gerudo Highlands Skyview Tower is within the Gerudo Highlands. The climate is very cold and will require warm clothing or food effects.

The tower is completely covered by snow. However, a nearby Note on the Table from the construction crew will mention a cave nearby with additional building materials. The entrance to Meadela's Mantle Cave is located just north of the tower. Inside is another book with Billson's Records, that describes the cave extends underneath the tower itself. Link can build a raft using the materials to follow the flow of the river deeper into the cave. At the end of the flow, he will find a wooden platform. Floating this platform in the middle of the cave will allow him to use Ascend and enter the tower from beneath.

Before ascending into the tower, there is a small crawlspace past the wooden platform that has a trail of Brightcaps, follow it to a Treasure Chest that contains a Topaz.