Crenel Hills

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The Crenel Hills are a landmark in the Central Tower region in Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom.

Breath of the Wild

The Crenel Hills is a land area east of Hyrule Castle surrounded on three sides by the Hylia River.

The Crenel Hills have a series of semi-enclosed semi-circle that all have similar characteristics. To the northwest of the shrine, there is such a location that has a Meteo Wizzrobe and some Fire Chuchu. A treasure chest is also here that has a Ruby gem. Just to the southwest of the shrine, there is a Thunder Wizzrobe with some Electric Chuchu. A treasure chest can be found here with five Bomb Arrows. Just south of the shrine, there is a Blizzrobe with some Ice Chuchu. There is a treasure chest here with five Fire Arrows.

A bit further to the northwest, there is a small pond where an Ice Wizzrobe can be found. In the pond, there are a circle of lilies that Link can jump into to get a Korok Seed.

At the far west end of the hills, there is a small camp with some Red Bokoblin, a Blue Bokoblin, and some Keese. Inside the base, there is a wooden treasure chest with a Purple Rupee.

At the far northeast of the hills, across the river there is a dock with a Raft, allowing for quick navigation from the Woodland Stable to the hills. Just south of the raft there is a treasure chest in the water that has a Purple Rupee. A second chest is just west of the dock that has a Soldier's Bow. On the Crenel Hills side of the river, there is a skull base that is partially buried in the water. Link can use a bomb to blowup the entrance and inside, there are a pair of treasure chests which contain a Thunderstorm Rod and five Shock Arrows. Another skull base can be found in the water, east of the hills, with a treasure chest underwater that has a Silver Rupee.

Namika Ozz Shrine

Main article: Namika Ozz Shrine

In one of the enclosed circles near the center of the Crenel Hills, Link will find the Namika Ozz Shrine. The shrine is A Modest Test of Strength shrine that has a Guardian Scout III who wields a Guardian Spear+ and an Ancient Battle Axe+. Link can then open the treasure chest to get a Frostspear before then talking with Namika Ozz at the altar to get the Spirit Orb.




Nearby Korok Seeds

Pick up the rock in the stump.

Lift up the rock to reveal the Korok.

Climb up the dead tree in the hollow stump next to the shrine. Examine the fairy lights at the top.

Climb the dead tree and examine the fairy lights at the top.

Dive into the circle of lilies. Beware of the nearby Ice Wizzrobe

Jump into the circle of lilies.

Lift the rock up.

Within the log lift up the rock to reveal the Korok.

Finish the block puzzle

Grab the magnetic block from across the river to finish this magnetic puzzle.

Tears of the Kingdom

The Crenel Hills are found well east of Hyrule Castle and well northeast of Lookout Landing. The hills are surrounded by the Hylia River to the west, north, and east.

Just northwest of the peak of the area, there is an enemy base with some Electric Chuchu, Blue Bokoblin, Black Moblin, and an Aerocuda. A treasure chest can be found at the base here which contains then Arrows. Further west, there is a small pond of water with a Water Octorok and a Blue Bokoblin. A chest can be found in the water containing three Bomb Flowers.

At the peak of the area, there is a camp with several Aerocudas, a Blue Bokoblin, and a dangerous Gloom Spawn. A treasure chest can be found on the higher platform here containing five arrows. West of the peak there is a skull that is partially buried. Inside there is a treasure chest partially in the ground that contains a Soldier's Claymore.

At the far east end of the hills, there is a skull base, facing the Thims Bridge. Inside there are some Blue Bokoblin and Stone Pebblits. There are two wooden chests here containing a Luminous Stone and five Arrows.

Ren-iz Shrine

Main article: Ren-iz Shrine

The Ren-iz Shrine can be found just northeast of the peak of Crenel Hills. Titled Jump the Gaps, the shrine requires Link to create ramps so orbs can reach the holes that are in the distance.

Korok Seeds

  • At the southwest part of the hills, northeast of the Orsedd Bridge, there is a massive overturned tree with a Dandelion on top of it. Slash at the dandelion and catch it before it hits the ground to get the Korok Seed.
  • Southeast of Crenele Hills, almost at the road, there are a series of large tree stumps in a row. Collect the flower at the top-right, followed by a series of flowers to get the Korok Seed.
  • Well northeast of the Crenel Hills, on the Hylia River, there is a skull partially submerged in water. Swim into the skull and lift the rock to get the Korok Seed.
  • There are two circlular ponds near the peak of the hills. Just west of the western pond, there is a massive rotted out log. Catch the fairy lights in the log to get the Korok Seed.
  • Southeast of the peak, there is a small stump with a flower in it. Collect the flower, and a series of flowers heading northward to get the Korok Seed.



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