Military Training Camp

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Military Training Camp is an area in Breath of the Wild and a service in Age of Calamity.

Breath of the Wild

The Military Training Camp is a swampy area that surrounded the Woodland Tower, just northeast of Hyrule Castle and southeast of the Great Hyrule Forest.

Treasure Chests

There are 15 treasure chests that can be found at the training camp, many of which are sunken beneath the swamp. Below is a listing of the treasure chests, roughly from south to north.

  • Sapphire - Inside the skull at the southeast end of the camp.
  • Topaz - In the chest, just northwest of the skull base, under the bridge.
  • Giant Boomerang - Northwest of the skull base, next to the torch near the swamp.
  • Silver Rupee - On a small island at the southwest end of the training camp.
  • Soldier's Bow - At the top of the enemy camp, southeast of the tower.
  • Bomb Arrows x5 - At the top of the enemy camp, southeast of the tower.
  • Ice Arrows x5 - On top of the wooden tower, southwest of the Woodland Tower.
  • Star Fragment - In the swamp, southwest of the tower.
  • Royal Bow - In the swamp, southwest of the tower.
  • Ice Arrows x5 - Buried in the ground underneath some wooden planks, southeast of the tower.
  • Sapphire - In a wooden chest, just east of the tower.
  • Silver Rupee - On the middle level of a tower, east of the Woodland Tower.
  • Ruby - At the top of one of the structures, northeast of the tower.
  • Shock Arrows x5 - Inside a broken wagon, at the far northeast end of the swamp.
  • Bomb Arrows x5 - On a lower ledge, just northwest of the tower.




Nearby Korok Seeds

Shoot the acorn in the hole in the tree.

Shoot the acorn.

Age of Calamity

Military Training Camp - HWAoC.png

"Those who seek to defend Hyrule... Hone your skills here!"

— In-game description

Run by Rubeo, the Military Training Camp serves the same purpose as the Training Dojo in the first Hyrule Warriors, allowing warriors to be levelled up using rupees rather than fighting. It is unlocked through the Entrance Test quest.

Warriors' levels cannot be raised in the Training Camp beyond the level of the current highest-level warrior the player possesses.


Three upgrades are available for the Military Training Camp, each providing a discount: