River of the Dead

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The River of the Dead is a location in Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom.

Breath of the Wild

Due to the constant winter season and snowy mountains surrounding it, the River of the Dead is a frigid body of water with no forms of life living in it. The water is so frigid that Link will take substantial amount of damage if he falls in, regardless of what type of Armor he is wearing.

The air surrounding the river is cold enough to damage Link as well, unless he has Cold Resistance. This can be achieved early in the game by acquiring the Warm Doublet or by cooking Spicy Peppers to create Spicy Sautéed Peppers. Spicy Peppers grow near the entrance gate east of the river, in the direction of the Temple of Time. They also appear northwest of the river near a Bokoblin camp.

A Raft is docked near the Temple of Time gateway, as is a Korok Leaf near some small ruins to the north. There is also a Woodcutter's Axe stuck inside a tree. Link can chop down the tree and use the log to reach the raft, and then use the Korok Leaf to propel the raft across the river. The River eventually flows off of the Great Plateau to a large body of water below, which feeds into the Regencia River.

On the west side of the river Link will encounter some Ice Chuchu, as well as some Ice Keese. Both enemies can freeze Link if they come into contact with him.

Points of Interest

  • Just north of the waterfall, there is a Bokoblin Camp. Link can shoot an arrow to cut down the bridge, allowing him to climb up on top of the camp. There are a pair of treasure chests, including some Arrows and an Amber gem.
  • At the southeast part of the river, near the Raft, there are two metallic treasure chests in the water. Link can pull them up with Magnesis and both contain Amber gems.
  • At the west side of the river, a cave can be found that leads to the area behind the waterfall. There are a pair of treasure chests containing a bundle of Fire Arrows and a Spiked Boko Bow. Additionally a Soldier's Broadsword can be found between the two treasure chests. Next to the waterfall, higher up on the south ledge is another treasure chest that contains some Fire Arrows.



Nearby Korok Seeds

Interact with the fairy lights under the bridge. Use Magnesis to make a safe platform.

Fairy lights can be seen under the bridge, however the water is very cold and will kill you quickly if you fall in. Use Magnesis on a nearby metal plate to provide a safe platform. Alternatively you can use Cryonis to lift the log and move it next to the bridge.

Interact with the fairy lights. You must complete the Main Quest The Isolated Plateau and leave the Great Plateau to enter Hyrule Kingdom in order to obtain this seed that is above the pool you awaken from within the Shrine of Resurrection.

This Korok Seed won't be available immediately, but if you return to whence you came, interacting with the Fairy Lights there will net you a seed.

Tears of the Kingdom

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