The Isolated Plateau

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The Isolated Plateau






Speak to the Old Man at the Great Plateau Tower


Complete first four Shrines, obtain Runes, meet King Rhoam at Temple of Time







The Isolated Plateau is a Main Quest in Breath of the Wild.


This quest is activated by talking to the Old Man after completing Follow the Sheikah Slate. Link must collect four Spirit Orbs, in return for the Old Man's Paraglider. This is achieved by completing the four Ancient Shrines on the Great Plateau: Oman Au, Ja Baij, Owa Daim, and Keh Namut

After completing the Shrines, Link must travel to the Temple of Time and talk to the Old Man, who reveals himself to be the ghost of King Rhoam Bosphoramus Hyrule, the last King of Hyrule. This will complete the quest, and Link will be rewarded with the Paraglider, and the Seek Out Impa and Destroy Ganon Main Quests.


Link must have completed Follow the Sheikah Slate by activating the Great Plateau Tower before the Old Man will appear to give this quest.


This quest is given by the Old Man after activating and leaving the Great Plateau Tower.

Adventure Log

Step Description
After your descent from the tower, the old man told you that the kingdom of Hyrule was destroyed 100 years ago by Calamity Ganon.

You heard a voice coming from Hyrule Castle, but you cannot reach it unless you leave the plateau using the paraglider.

The old man said that he will give you the paraglider in exchange for the treasure that lies within a hidden location somewhere...
The old man explained that there are a total of four shrines on the plateau. He said that he will give you the paraglider once you have acquired the Spirit Orb from all of the shrines.

He told you to survey the plateau from the top of the tower to find the remaining shrines. He also pointed out that you can use your Sheikah Slate if you need to travel quickly.
After you acquired the Spirit Orbs from the shrines, the old man told you that he'll be waiting in the place centered amid the four shrines, before mysteriously disappearing...
The old man you were talking to informed you that he was King Rhoam. The voice you heard coming from Hyrule Castle was Princess Zelda.

The princess is trapped inside the castle, which is shrouded in Malice, fighting against Ganon...

The king's ghost left you with one last directive: rescue Princess Zelda and defeat Ganon. He gave you the paraglider now that his duty is done.