Slated for Upgrades

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Slated for Upgrades
Link Upgrading his Sheikah Slate



Locked Mementos Main Quest



Collect (3) Ancient Screws, (3) Ancient Shafts, and (3) Ancient Cores


Remote Bomb+, Stasis+, Sheikah Sensor+


After showing Purah a picture of herself for the Locked Mementos Main Quest, talk to her again to being the Slated for Upgrades quest.


Collect three Ancient Screws to upgrade the Sheikah Sensor, three Ancient Shafts to upgrade the Remote Bomb rune, and three Ancient Cores to upgrade the Stasis rune. The upgrades can be done in any order, and getting all three will complete the quest.

These items are very easy to acquire even early on in the game. Any inactive Decayed Guardian, such as those at Ash Swamp and Fort Hateno, can be examined for parts, and killing live Guardians always drops parts. There is even a character, Teli, walking on the path north of Fort Hateno who sells two of the parts needed. Perhaps the easiest way is to go to a shrine that contains a Guardian and kill it over and over. Guardians respawn every time you enter a shrine.

Sunshroom Sensing

Main article: Sunshroom Sensing

After upgrading the Sheikah Sensor +, Symin will call over to you, as he is greatly interested in the upgrade.[1][2] Talking to Symin will trigger the start of the Sunshroom Sensing quest.


  1. Oooh! The Sheikah Sensor +! I reaaally want to see it... - Symin
  2. Yes, quite. So if you don't mind, how about showing Symin that spiffy Sheikah Sensor + later? - Purah