The Forgotten Sword

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The Forgotten Sword




Speak to Bozai outside Gerudo Town


Take a photograph of the statue of the Eighth Heroine's Sword and show it to Bozai





The Forgotten Sword is a Side Quest from Breath of the Wild.



After completing The Eighth Heroine side quest, you can go talk to Bozai again. He will be sitting under the tent outside the Gerudo Town entrance. Speak to him while wearing the Gerudo Clothes. After Link says he now wants the Snow Boots from Bozai, he will be given a task of finding the sword of the Eighth Heroine.

After talking to him to start the quest you will need to make your way to the Gerudo Summit to find and snap a picture of the Heroine's sword. The massive sword is hard to miss as it stands out at the south end of the Gerudo Summit.

Return it to Bozai after taking the picture, again wearing the Gerudo Clothes. Bozai will fulfill his promise and will give Link the Snow Boots.


Adventure Log

Step Description
The eighth heroine actually had a sword!

Bozai may have just made it up, but it seems worth checking out, at least. The sword said to be once held by the eighth heroine is most likely somewhere in the Gerudo Highlands. Show a picture of the eighth heroine's sword to Bozai to get the snow boots.
You found the eighth heroine's sword at the summit of the Gerudo Highlands.

You took a picture of the sword, so Bozai kept his promise and gave you the snow boots.