The Forgotten Sword

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The Forgotten Sword



Forbidden City Entry Main Quest
The Eighth Heroine Side Quest



Take a photo of the Eighth Heroine's sword




After completing The Eighth Heroine side quest, you can go talk to Bozai again. He will be sitting under the awning outside the Gerudo Town entrance. Make sure to wear the Gerudo outfit of course, although you can wear the sand boots if you wish.

After talking to him to start the quest you will need to make your way to the Gerudo Summit to find and snap a picture of the Heroine's sword.

Return it to Bozai (again wearing the Gerudo set, or Gerudo and sand boots), and you will get to keep the snow boots as well as the sand boots both.

Quest Description

Completed Quest

You found the eighth heroine's sword at the summit of the Gerudo Highlands.

You took a picture of the sword, so Bozai kept his promise and gave you the snow boots.