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Bozai is a character from Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom.

Breath of the Wild

Bozai is a Hylian male who can be found running around the perimeter of Gerudo Town after Link has acquired the Camera rune. He is a single, 35 year old who loves jogging and chatting with women.[1][2] The truth is that Bozai had heard a rumor that Gerudo women liked men with Sand Boots, so he's jogging around, hoping to get their attention, but none of them will talk to him.[3]

He explains that Sand Boots will let Link walk normally on sand. Unfortunately the man who used to make them passed away, so they are now very rare and extremely valuable.[4] However, since Link is a male, Bozai will not consider giving him the sand boots.[5]

The Eighth Heroine

Main article: The Eighth Heroine

If Link chats with Bozai while wearing the Gerudo Clothes, Bozai thinks that Link is a woman and will try to make his move on him. Using the Sand Boots as a talking point, he invites Link to go to a quiet corner and spend time together.[6] When Link admits that he just wants the Sand Boots, Bozai is a bit hesitant, but thinks this might be his golden chance to finally meet somebody. Bozai offers to give them to Link, but first asks him to do him a favor.[7]

Bozai will tell Link about the Seven Heroines, but then he talks about the secret Eighth Heroine — a legend that is known to all, but has been seen by none. Bozai will task Link with finding the heroine and in return, he will give Link the Sand Boots.[8] The eighth heroine is found in the Gerudo Highlands, with the nickname The Bronze Giant. Although that is all that Bozai knows, he encourages Link to visit town, as somebody in town likely knows more about the eighth heroine.[9]

Since Link is traveling into the Gerudo Highlands, Bozai will give him the Snow Boots. While wearing these boots, Link can walk even faster on the snow.[10] Despite seeming to help Link, Bozai thinks he is actually tricking Link. He believes that the eighth heroine legend is an unsolvable puzzle and while Link is spending all this time trying to figure it out, it might give him an opportunity to get closer to Link.[11]

After traveling into the Gerudo Highlands and finding the statue. Link can take a picture and return to Bozai. At this point Bozai will open up to Link, stating that the statue was just an urban legend and doesn't actually exist. He explains that he just made it up to keep Link engaged in hopes of forming a relationship.[12] Although when Link tells him it actually does exist, he thinks Link is just trying to make him feel better.[13] Bozai is surprised when Link actually shows him the picture, and tries to ask Link to spend some time with him before Link interrupts him.[14] Link asks for the Sand boots, which Bozai removes to give him.[15] Bozai will then ask for his Snow Boots back and will head over and sit beneath the tent in front of Gerudo Town. This will complete the side quest.[16]

The Forgotten Sword

Main article: The Forgotten Sword

After completing The Eighth Heroine quest, Bozai will sit down under the tent, just outside of Gerudo Town. Link can talk to him while wearing the Gerudo Clothes, at which point Bozai is upset that the two didn't get much time to spend together alone.[17] When Link tells Bozai he wants his snow boots, Bozai is a bit surprised, but also reluctant to give them, as then he'd have nothing to wear on his feet.[18][19] However, Bozai doesn't want to upset Link, so he agrees to give them to him if he can complete another task.[20]

The Eighth Heroine was missing its sword and Bozai wonders where it can be. All of the other Seven Heroines can be seen with their sword in hand, but the eighth one is missing hers.[21] Bozai will task Link in finding the sword, thinking it's likely somewhere in the steeps of the Gerudo Highlands. This time, he won't give him the snow boots as he needs something to wear.[22] Bozai is secretly hoping that without the snow boots there's no way Link will travel up to the Gerudo Highlands. He wants Link to fail and then come crawling back.[23]

The sword can be found at the south end of the Gerudo Summit. It's very cold, so Link will need some Cold Resistance armor to survive up there. Take a picture of the massive sword that's hard to miss and then return to Bozai. He is initially concerned, as he had heard from a traveler that Link went up into the Gerudo Highlands without any snow boots.[24] After Link shows Bozai the picture, he is completely shocked. He didn't think the sword actually existed and is wondering how Link could survive up there.[25] Bozai will reluctantly take off the Snow Boots and give them to Link.[26]

Bozai will now be there barefoot. It's at this point he finally pops the question to Link, asking him out on a date.[27] Link will respond with not a chance, which really hurts Bozai.[28] He will ask if he can just gaze at Link until he disappears from his vision.[29]

Tears of the Kingdom

Bozai can be found standing on top of a wall when Link first enters Gerudo Town. Bozai thinks all the Gerudo have been killed and that Gerudo Town is haunted. He then provides hints on how to get into the Gerudo Shelter and the Gerudo Secret Club.[30]


  • It's possible to take pictures of both the Eighth Heroine and the Sword before talking with Bozai, or given the circumstance, to take both pictures after first prompted by him so that one doesn't have to go to the Gerudo Highlands twice to obtain both sets of boots from him.
  • Other quests that are associated with the Highlands can be done/advanced during the trek for the statue and the sword, including Cliffside Etchings to uncover Keeha Yoog Shrine, and obtaining wildberries for The Mystery Polluter side quest.
  • Bozai provides quests that prompt the player to climb the Gerudo Tower to obtain its regional map.



  1. Sa-sa-sa...sav'saaba! So yeah, hey, the name's Bozai. I'm 35, single, and I LOVE jogging. Especially on sand. Yeah, everyone says I'm tenacious as a tick! And I think some of them meant it in a nice way, too! out here on your own? Pretty rough and tumble place... Wanna hang out with me awhile? - Bozai
  2. H-h-hey! After the way we left it, I didn't think you were into, y'know, chatting. Are you bored? If you are, ol' Bozai has the cure for THAT malady! Want to hang out? - Bozai
  3. Oh, it's just a guy... Saw me running around, huh? See, I heard Gerudo women liked a guy in sand boots, so I've been joggling all over for forever trying to show off... But none of them will talk to me! I'm starting to wonder if that rumor was a bunch of bunk... - Bozai
  4. Sand boots let you walk normally on sand, so if you live in the desert, believe me, you want a pair! BUT! The only person capable of making them passed away, which means they're impossibly rare and extremely valuable! What do you think? Jealous, right? - Bozai
  5. Huh? You're coveting these things after you heard me sing their praises? Not cool. Look, these sand boots are super rare. Mayyyybe I'd consider giving them to you if you were a girl, but a guy? NO. I'm busy here. Get lost! - Bozai
  6. Ah... You noticed these old things? Yeah, they're my sand boots. They allow me to traverse the desert without being slowed down at all, so jogging is a breeze. If you'd like to check them out, we could grab a quiet corner and... - Bozai
  7. Huh? Oh... Well... Here's the thing. These sand boots are super rare, and I'd happily give them to you, but... ... ...Wait. This is a golden chance to woo... I mean, sure! I'd LOVE to give them to you, you hungry little boot monster! But first, a favor. Ever heard the legend of the eighth heroine? - Bozai
  8. Everyone's heard the legend in the Gerudo region about the seven heroines, but some tell of an eighth heroine... Wiped clean from history, and no one knows why or how... A phantom heroine known to all but seen by none... I've been taken with the legend since I was a child. Find her! Show me the eighth heroine, and I'll give you these sand boots. What do you say? - Bozai
  9. YESSSSSS! *ahem!* According to those who idolize the eighth heroine, she is enshrined somewhere in the Gerudo Highlands. Apparently they even have a nickname for her: The Bronze Giant. Catchy. Beyond that, I don't really know much... Who knows, there might be someone in Gerudo Town who knows more about the legend of the seven heroines. Maybe that info would help. I don't know. Anyway, dray a picture or something if you find her! And then show me! I'm pretty picky about pictures, too. If you get one, make sure at least the statue's upper half is visible, OK? Oh, and here... If you'd like, you can use these. I'm sure they'll come in handy. Besides, you seem really into boots. - Bozai
  10. The Gerudo Highlands are covered in deep snow, so it's hard to walk, right? Everyone knows that. But with these snow boots, you can walk through snow like it was flat ground... No... You can walk even faster than that! No one makes these anymore, so they're extremely valuable. As such, you can't keep them, OK? - Bozai
  11. Many have investigated the eighth heroine, but it's an inscrutable legend, an unsolved and possibly unsolvable puzzle... And as Ms. Boots spins her wheels on it, we'll grow closer... And closer... And then... Hee hee! - Bozai
  12. Oh! Oh, thank goodness! You made it back safely! You were gone for so long, I started to fear the worst... I have to come clean. The eighth heroine is just an urban legend-it doesn't actually exist... I... Well, I just wanted an excused to get close to you, y'know? I wanted to keep you engaged so I just thought up something impossible to hold your interest... And as a result, I put you in harm's way! I'm a cad! And I've been so, so worried... I won't put you in danger anymore! From now on, I'll be your protect- - Bozai
  13. Are you trying to console me because I've been so heartsick over this? You're such a kind soul. But no need to coddle me. From now on I'll- - Bozai
  14. That...certainly is...the way it was rumored to look... That- THAT'S AMAZING! I thought it was just an old wives' tale! The eighth heroine actually exists?! If the rest of the world knew this, it'd be absolute bedlam! ...But I won't tell anyone... Yeah, that way, it'll just be our little secret, right? Sort of a bonding thing. And yeah, i-if it's OK, I'd like to take this opportunity to ask you- - Bozai
  15. Oh... Oh, OK... Just a second. I'll take them off... - Bozai
  16. Treat them as tenderly as you would me. *ahem* And now, could you be a lamb and return my snow boots? Otherwise ol' Bozai's going to be barefoot! All right, we're done here! Boy, but these will make running in the sand pretty difficult, and I'm pretty tired anyway from my jogging regimen... I think I'll just park myself under the tent in front of Gerudo Town and take five. Care to join me later? - Bozai
  17. You! You came! I mean, hey, yeah, of course. Figured you'd swing by. Yup. Do the ol' swing-by. We didn't get a chance to spend much time together earlier, did we? Whoosh! Total whirlwind! So...wanna hang out? - Bozai
  18. What? You want my snow boots, too? - Bozai
  19. Ha! Well aren't we greedy! Oh should I say insatiable for boots. A boot thirst that cannot be slaked! Adorable. But listen, if I give you these, then I'll have nothing for my feet! - Bozai
  20. Oh, man what should I do? THINK, Bozai. Can't put her in a bad mood... OK... Do NOT blow this. Just relax and work a little verbal magic... How could I resist a request from you? No lie, you really gave me a surprise earlier...and I love surprises. Surprise me again like that... and I'll give you these snow boots as a surprise present! - Bozai
  21. So let me ask you this: Did you notice that the statue of the eighth heroine... isn't actually holding a sword? Pretty weird, right? Seven other heroines, they all have their swords! Suspicious, y'know? Which leads me to deduce that the eighth heroine must have had a sword as well. Must have! To see that such a sword actually exists, that my deduction is right... That could be no greater surprise! - Bozai
  22. What? You're really going? Wow, all right, then. The sword would be pretty big, so I doubt it could have been carried off too far. I'm betting it's probably somewhere in the steeps of the Gerudo Highlands. And the thing is, I can't lend you the snow boots this time. Just can't do it! I'm really sorry. - Bozai
  23. No way a normal person can make it though the Gerudo Highlands without good snow boots... She'll probably give up halfway through and come crawling back... Fine, you win. SO headstrong! I love it. I'll just be waiting here, OK? If you ever need me for anything above and beyond footwear, you just come find ol' Bozai anytime! - Bozai
  24. Y-you! A traveler said he saw you in the Gerudo Highlands, so I've been gnawing on my fingernails with worry! I mean, all that talk about the sword was just chitchat... I didn't think you'd go up there without snow boots! Anyway, are you OK? - Bozai
  25. WHAAAAAT?! It really exists?! And you went searching for it without a decent pair of snow boots... I mean, the Gerudo Highlands are unforgiving. I doubt I could survive there, and I'm burly. Who ARE you?! - Bozai
  26. Yeah... You did risk your life to fulfill your promises, after all... It'd be pretty uncouth of me to drop my end of the bargain. Just a second. I'll take them off... - Bozai
  27. Well, now I'm barefoot... But if you're happy, then I'm happy! And what's more, this whole episode has endeared you even more to me! Your cutely greedy side. Your sassy, playfully rude side... Your unexpectedly tough side... Um... Would you... ...g-g-go out... ...w-w-w-with... - Bozai
  28. Urk... I know of knew you'd say that... but would it have killed you to let me finish the question? - Bozai
  29. At the very least, let me gaze after you until you disappear from my vision! - Bozai
  30. I do sometimes hear voices coming up from the wells. No doubt about it-the spirits of stunning Gerudo linger here. - Bozai