The Eighth Heroine

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The Eighth Heroine



Forbidden City Entry Main Quest



The photo of the Eighth Heroine Statue


Sand Boots
Unlocks The Forgotten Sword Side Quest


  • Forbidden City Entry Main Quest


Make sure you are wearing your Gerudo outfit and find Bozai running around somewhere outside the walls of town. He does not have a set location so circle the town until you find him. Talk to him while wearing the Gerudo set to start the quest.

Travel north from Kema Kosassa Shrine in the Gerudo Highlands until you reach a canyon and it is right below you. (It is even a discoverable location for the world map.) If you have not found Kema Kosassa Shrine, the Eighth Heroine is northwest of Gerudo Summit at the start of the inlet leading down to Tanagar Canyon. Take a picture, then go back to Bozai (make sure to wear the Gerudo set again). He will give you the sand boots but takes back the snow boots.

This does, however, unlock the quest The Forgotten Sword.

Quest Description

Completed Quest

The eighth heroine is still worshiped by her faithful in the Gerudo Highlands. You captured her in a picture and received the sand boots from Bozai as promised.