The Eighth Heroine

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The Eighth Heroine





The photo of the Eighth Heroine Statue


Sand Boots
Unlocks The Forgotten Sword Side Quest


The Eighth Heroine is a Side Quest from Breath of the Wild.



Be sure you are wearing the Gerudo Clothes and run counter-clockwise around Gerudo Town. You will run into a man named Bozai. Talk to him while wearing the Gerudo clothes and he will start talking to Link. After hearing that Link is interested in his Sand Boots, he will set Link off on a quest to find the Eighth Heroine, beginning the side quest.

Link can explore Gerudo Town in search of a clue about the Eighth Heroine. If he visits Patricia, the sand-seal of the Gerudo Chief Riju, he can feed her some Wildberries. Through Padda, who can translate Particia's words, Link learns that "Risoka Snowfield rests upon the shoulders of the eighth heroine..." Risoka Snowfield is a marked location on the map at the west end of the Gerudo Highlands. The Statue of the Eighth Heroine is located just to the north, in the valley that leads down to the Hemaar's Descent.

The fastest way to reach the area is to warp to the Kema Kosassa Shrine at the Risoka Snowfield. Alternatively, travel to the west end of the Tanagar Canyon and from there you can climb up Hemaar's Descent. Once you draw near to the statue, it becomes an actual discoverable location on the map. Take a picture of the upper portion of the statue, so the head is in the photograph.

Return to Gerudo Town and once again put on the Gerudo Clothes. Find Bozai running around Gerudo Town and show him the picture. As a thanks for finding the picture, he will give Link the Sand Boots. However, he will take back his snow boots.

After completing The Eighth Heroine, Link can speak with Bozai once again and begin The Forgotten Sword side quest.


Adventure Log

Step Description
There's a legend about seven heroines in the Gerudo region, but it turns out that an eighth heroine existed, and she is worshiped to this day by her faithful in the Gerudo Highlands. Show a picture of the eighth statue's torso to Bozai to get the sand boots. You've heard that there's someone well acquainted with the seven heroines' legend in Gerudo Town.
The eighth heroine is still worshiped by her faithful in the Gerudo Highlands. You captured her in a picture and received the sand boots from Bozai as promised.