Tools of the Trade

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Tools of the Trade



Forbidden City Entry Main Quest



Give Isha (10) Flint


Choice of Ruby Circlet, Sapphire Circlet, or Topaz Earrings
Opens the Starlight Memories Jewelry Store

Tools of the Trade is a Side Quest from Breath of the Wild.


Talk to Isha in Gerudo Town to start the quest. When entering Gerudo Town, Isha runs the stores, that is second on the right, just after the fruit stand.


Once you have the quest, you can set it as your active marker to find her for the turn-in. Isha wants 10 Flint. If you have been destroying Ore Deposits, you likely have enough flint. If not, just make note to do so when you come by them. Additionally, Stone Talus enemies will drop gems and occasionally some Flint.

Return to Isha and give her some flint. She will give you three options for a reward that you can claim. You will be able to purchase whichever one you don't claim. It is recommended to choose the Sapphire Circlet, as that is the most expensive one to purchase by itself, so might as well get it for free.

  • Ruby Circlet will grant cold resistance.
  • Sapphire Circlet will grant heat resistance.
  • Topaz Earrings will grant Electric Resistance.

Completing the quest will also unlock the Starlight Memories jewelery shop so you can purchase the other items available, if you have the requisite materials and rupees.

This quest is one of the four required for The Thunder Helm side quest, which awards Link with said headgear.


Adventure Log

Step Description
Isha, the jeweler, is in a bind. She ran out of flint she needs to keep making her accessories. She says that she can reopen her store if you bring her 10 pieces of flint.
Isha, the jeweler, ran out of flint and was feeling pretty worried. But since you brought her 10 pieces, she is able to reopen her store.