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Merchant / Jeweler




Cara (Co-worker)
Ramella (Fellow jewel trader)

Isha, also known by her aptronym Jewel, is a character from Breath of the Wild.


Isha is the owner of the Starlight Memories, an accessory shop found in Gerudo Town. However, in order to access the shop, Link will need to complete the Tools of the Trade quest. Prior to doing so, Isha can be found outside of the shop as a greeter.[1] Although since the shop is short on Flint, they cannot open the shop. As a manager of the shop, she uses gems to make accessories, stating that each gem has its own unique power that gets transferred to whoever wears it.[2]

Tools of the Trade

Main article: Tools of the Trade

When Link first chats with Isha, she mentions that she needs some Flint. In particular, she needs ten pieces. She is hoping that a nice woman comes around and offers her ten flint, but thinks that just a dream as nothing ever goes so smoothly in the real world.[3][4][5]

After collecting 10 Flint, Link can offer them up to Isha. As a special thanks, Isha will offer to make a jeweled accessory for Link.[6] She will offer to give him a Sapphire Circlet, a Ruby Circlet, or some Topaz Earrings.[7][8][9][10] It is recommended that Link choose the Sapphire Circlet, as it will be the most expensive to purchase of the three.[11][12]

After accepting the gift, this will complete the Tools of the Trade quest. Isha will then head inside where she manages the shop.


  • Isha is one of the most coiffed Gerudo women in the game, suggesting that her jewelry store is a lucrative venture. Aside from Riju and Urbosa, she's among the only Gerudo who wear skirts.


  1. Sav'otta... Great! You got the last of my free time with that greeting. - Isha
  2. I use rubies, sapphires, and other gems to make accessories. Each gem type has its own power that it can transfer to whoever wears it. There's nothing I can do about not having any flint, though... - Isha
  3. I manage a shop that specializes in handmade accessories, but I've run out of flint. I need it to make my items. If only I had 10... just 10... If some kind vai would give me 10 pieces of flint, I could offer a nice reward... I can dream all I want, though... Nothing goes that smoothly in the real world. - Isha
  4. I'm sorry that you came all the way to see me for nothing. - Isha
  5. I'm sorry... I haven't been able to get any flint yet, so I'm not in a position to make any accessories right now... Hmm, I wonder if I'd be able to work if a kind, generous vai were to give me 10 pieces of flint, though... - Isha
  6. Uh... What?! You're these to me? Sarqso! But...I can't take this all from you with just a sarqso. We hardly know each other, and you've been so nice... The shop's been closed so long, I hardly have any inventory... Oh, of course! Now that I have some flint, I could make a jeweled accessory for you if you're interest in something. - Isha
  7. Sapphires have the power to grant heat resistance. So you think you'd like a sapphire circlet? - Isha
  8. Rubies have the power to grant cold resistance. So you think you'd like a ruby circlet? - Isha
  9. Topaz have the power to grant electric resistance. So you think you'd like topaz earrings? - Isha
  10. I'm sorry that these are all I have to offer to show my appreciation... But really...I need to give you something to feel OK about accepting your help. Could you please pick one? - Isha
  11. Teehee, I thought you might pick that one. Please give me a moment... - Isha
  12. Brand-new, especially for you! I think it turned out really well! Thanks to you, I got the shop running again, so if you ever need an accessory, please come by for a special discount. Just...don't tell my other customers, OK? - Isha