A Song of Storms

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A Song of Storms



Speak to Kass at Calora Lake


Place metallic object on nearby hill.


A Song of Storms is a Shrine Quest from Breath of the Wild.

Begin the Quest

When Link travels anywhere around the Calora Lake, the area is in a perpetual thunderstorm. Climbing up to Calora Lake from the south is rather difficult without Revali's Gale, and the area is more easily reached from the mountains to the north. Kass can be found playing his accordion and when spoken to, he will tell Link of the ancient song of the area.[1]

"When a lost hero calls down lightning from the sky, The monk responds from a giant mound on high."[2]


The objective here is to cause a lightening strike on top of the mound just to the southwest of where Kass is standing. In order to do so, climb up on top of the mound a drop a metallic weapon. This can be a sword, shield, or a bow. Move away from the from mound and lightening will attract the metal object, eventually striking and blowing up the mound. Alternatively, Link can just use Urbosa's Fury. This will reveal the Qukah Nata Shrine. After examining the nearby pedestal, this will complete the shrine quest.

Qukah Nata Shrine

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The shrine is just a blessing, so there are no challenges inside. Open the treasure chest found here to acquire the Rubber Tights. Then head over and speak with Qukah Nata at the alter to acquire the Spirit Orb.



  1. Very impressive. Not many could make it up here in such rain. I'd expect no less from a well-worn traveler like yourself. Me? I stay nice and dry. My feathers repel the rain rather well. And my instrument was designed to withstand extreme moisture. When your livelihood revolves around ancient songs, you've got to be prepared for a few raindrops. - Kass
  2. When a lost hero calls down lightning from the sky / The monk responds from a giant mound on high.. - Kass