Koko Cuisine

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Koko Cuisine



Cooking with Koko Side Quest



Give Koko Raw Meat


Koko Cuisine is a Side Quest from Breath of the Wild.


Koko is available outside the General Store in Kakariko Village, between 12pm and 7pm. In order to start this quest, Link will first need to complete Koko's Kitchen and Cooking with Koko.


Koko wants to make some Tough Meat-Stuffed Pumpkin, which is her father's favorite dish, but she is in need of some Raw Meat.[1][2]

Raw Meat is very common out in the wild and can be acquired by defeating some mid-sized mammals, such as a Grassland Fox or Mountain Goat. The traveling merchant Mezer, who travels from Dueling Peaks Stable westward towards the Dueling Peaks Tower, will sell some Raw Meat.

After gifting Koko the Raw Meat, she will give you your reward in the form of a dish of Tough Meat-stuffed Pumpkin. This will complete the quest and also open the Koko's Specialty Side Quest.[3][4]

At any point if you want to know the recipe for Tough Meat-stuffed Pumpkin, Link can find it in Adventure Log for the Koko Cuisine side quest.


  1. Hmm, what should Koko make now... OH!! Koko will make Father's favorite! Tough meat-stuffed pumpkin! It's great for an energy boost. Let's see... The ingredients are... fortified pumpkin and raw meat. Hrm? ...Raw meat? OH, NO!! Koko is out of raw meat... Koko could use a different kind of meat, but...without raw meat, Koko can't re-create Mother's recipe... Father used to go hunting to make sure we always had raw meat. But he's at work right now... Koko is a bad daughter who can't do anything right. Koko will never be like Mother... - Koko
  2. ARGH! Koko wants to cook tough meat-stuffed pumpkin but forgot the raw meat?! - Koko
  3. Is this... raw meat?! Are you sure about this? Really Thank you so much! Koko means it! Stay right here for a second! - Koko
  4. Mmm! What a scrumptious smell! Oh, and that savory meat pairs SO well with the sweetness of the pumpkin! This is just how Mother made it! Here, have some! It's so good! - Koko