The Bird in the Mountains

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The Bird in the Mountains



Speak to Molli at Rito Village


Travel to Talonto Peak and glide northwest.


The Bird in the Mountains is a Shrine Quest from Breath of the Wild.

Begin the Quest

Over at Rito Village, there is a child Rito by the name of Molli who sits at the edge of a platform, starting out towards the Hebra Mountains. When Link talks to her while she's starting out there, she will tell Link a story about her Grandpa. Her Grandpa had once traveled up to a big tree at the top of a big mountain and then looked to the northwest, where he saw a huge snow-white birdie.[1] Molli's grandfather so something interesting to the northwest, but unfortunately, doesn't remember what it was. She does remember that the tree he went to is the Talonto Peak, located on the Hebra Mountains.[2]


The tree that Molli points to is on top of Talonto Peak. Travel over to the peak, but beware that it is bitterly cold on the Hebra Mountains. It is suggested that Link wear the Snowquill Set, as it will give Link Cold Resistance.

When looking northwest from the tree, Link sees the top of the Biron Snowshelf which resembles that of a bird. From here, Link can leap off the peak and glide directly to the northwest. As he glides, the shrine can become visible through a cave in the side of the cliff. When Link arrives at the cliff, he can climb into the cave to arrive at the Mozo Shenno Shrine, which will complete the quest.

It is very possible to find and complete the shrine, before ever speaking with Molli at Rito Village. If this happens, once Link speaks with Molli for the first time, he will get and complete the shrine quest at the same time.

Mozo Shenno Shrine

Main article: Mozo Shenno Shrine

The shrine is A Major Test of Strength shrine. The Guardian Scout IV that is in the shrine wields an Ancient Battle Axe++, Guardian Sword++, and Guardian Spear++. The treasure chest in the shrine contains a Diamond. Link can then speak with Mozo Shenno at the altar to get the Spirit Orb.



  1. Once upon a time... My grandpa stopped at a big tree while he was climbing a big mountain and looked below him to the northwest. When suddenly he saw a HUGE snow-white birdie with its wings spread wide! My grandpa took off flying after the snow-white birdie. And as he got a little closer to the white birdie, Grandpa saw something SUPER important inside its belly! The birdie had swallowed-! - Molli
  2. OH! I know where the big tree is, though! It's over there! You see it? Grandpa said he saw the snow-white birdie from THAT tree! - Molli