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A Test of Strength is a type of Shrine found in Breath of the Wild. They involve melee combat with different Guardian Scouts.

Breath of the Wild

The Tests of Strength are the most direct form of training imparted by Sheikah Monks, which is the ethos of the Shrines of Trials. They teach Link to fight and use special moves based on the Scouts' telegraphed movements, as well as the reach of his attacks and the resistance of his weapons. The Tests mostly award weapons and armor, plus the bonus of obtaining guardian weapons from the Scouts.

Some of the shrines have different features that may be present. Most shrines have breakable columns that Link can use for cover, as charging Guardian Scouts may collide with them. Other shrines have metallic blocks embedded on the floor that Link can lift with Magnesis for the same purpose. Lastly, other shrines may be flooded to ankle height in which Cryonis blocks can be created; these ones are particularly more difficult because Cryonis blocks are brittle to guardian weapons and to their laser beams.

Fight Stages

The stages of the fight depend on the damage imparted on the Scouts. The weaker Scouts may be defeated before all stages take place.

Stages Scout Attacks
Stage I Melee attacks with weapons
Short barrage of beam shots
Weapon spinning charge
Stage II Melee attacks with weapons
Short barrage of beam shots
Weapon spinning charge
Stationary spinning beam shot
Stage III Melee attacks with weapons
Short barrage of beam shots
Weapon spinning charge
Stationary beam shots (x4)

Countering Attacks

  • Melee attacks can be countered with both Perfect Guards and Perfect Dodges; the guardian attacks with the weapon on its right arm by default, but will attack with the left one too if Link approaches it to that side, that is, provided that it has a weapon on that arm (as it can have a shield too);
  • Beam shot barrages can be countered with Perfect Guards, but they're slow and inaccurate enough to allow Link to avoid them by running;
  • Weapon spinning charges can be countered with both Perfect Guards and Perfect Dodges, though the easiest method is to make the Scout run into an obstacle like (where available) columns, Cryonis blocks, or in-shrine metal blocks through Magnesis. In the absence of all of these, the charges can be avoided by keeping a distance from the Scout and running perpendicularly away from their path;
  • Stationary spinning beam shots produce updraft winds that Link can use to paraglide close to the spinning Scout, being given an opportunity to perform a ground strike. A Perfect Dodge can also be performed;
  • Stationary beam shots can be countered with both Perfect Guards and Perfect Dodges, but they're inaccurate once Link moves perpendicularly away from the attack. As such, Link can run circles around the Scout and attack once the Scout shoots its fourth beam. These shots take a longer time to charge than those of Guardian Stalkers and do not feature a laser pointer.

Because the Scouts have slow response times, they're susceptible to powerful attacks using two-handed weapons (both ground and spinning attacks), so those are the weapons of choice against them. Aside from that, the Scouts are susceptible to bonus attacks using guardian weapons, having an extra 30% damage with weapons from Scouts, and an extra 50% damage with the weapons from the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab.


  • Unlike Guardians, a Guardian Scout's legs cannot be cut.
  • Link cannot use Champions' Blessings for the fights.
  • Since they're blue and orange-colored, the Guardian Scouts are unblemished by Malice.

List of shrines

Below is a compiled list of Shrines that involve a Tests of Strength. These Shrines, numbering 20, reset with each Blood Moon and contain Guardian Scouts of varying skill that can be fought, except the Ta'loh Naeg Shrine, which becomes dormant upon completion.

Tests of Strength

Shrine Regional Location Type of Test
Dah Hesho Shrine Akkala Tower Minor
Dah Kaso Shrine Central Tower Minor
Katah Chuki Shrine Central Tower Minor
Noya Neha Shrine Central Tower Minor
Pumaag Nitae Shrine Lake Tower Minor
Soh Kofi Shrine Lanayru Tower Minor
Ke'nai Shakah Shrine Akkala Tower Modest
Mijah Rokee Shrine Ridgeland Tower Modest
Muwo Jeem Shrine Faron Tower Modest
Namika Ozz Shrine Central Tower Modest
Sasa Kai Shrine Gerudo Tower Modest
Shoqa Tatone Shrine Lake Tower Modest
Chaas Qeta Shrine Hateno Tower Major
Goma Asaagh Shrine Hebra Tower Major
Hia Miu Shrine Hebra Tower Major
Kema Kosassa Shrine Gerudo Tower Major
Mozo Shenno Shrine Hebra Tower Major
Saas Ko'sah Shrine Central Tower Major
Tena Ko'sah Shrine Tabantha Tower Major
Tutsuwa Nima Shrine Akkala Tower Major

These tower regions do not feature Tests of Strength or variation of those in either the base game or in downloadable content:

Special Tests

Ta'loh Naeg's Teaching

This variation on the Tests of Strength requires Link to demonstrate the use of various techniques, as specified by Monk Ta'loh Naeg. The Guardian Scout II in this shrine does not walk and can only attack. This Scout does not go through the aforementioned fight stages, and does not regenerate with a Blood Moon once defeated.

A Major Test of Strength+ (DLC)

This is part of The Champions' Ballad downloadable content. Link must face all types of Guardian Scouts, generally with relevant-level Guardian Weapons, while wielding the One-Hit Obliterator. This weapon locks out all other weapons (although not bows or shields) and allows him to kill any enemy with a single hit, while having his own HP locked to the minimum and thus being vulnerable to death in one hit himself.

Upon completion of the Divine Beast Tamer Trials of the Great Plateau, the One-Hit Obliterator will no longer be available to Link, meaning the difficulty of the Guardian Scouts will become normal.