Kaya Wan Shrine

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Kaya Wan Shrine






Kaya Wan Shrine is one of the many Shrine of Trials from Breath of the Wild.


Shields from Water

In the first room, use Cryonis pillars to continue.

In the next room, kill the Guardian Scout, and lift the chest from the water using Cryonis, and open it. Then use Cryonis pillars to continue.

The final section is a bit annoying. Kill the two Guardian Scouts, first off. Then you want to use a pillar of ice to lift the gate on the left. Note that you can use Stasis on the floating wooden platform, but an even better option is to just put a Cryonis pillar in its way, which will hold it there indefinitely.

Once you get the chest from behind the gate on the left, you're free to glide to the altar and get your Spirit Orb.