Chaas Qeta Shrine

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Chaas Qeta Shrine







Chaas Qeta Shrine is one of the many Shrine of Trials from Breath of the Wild, located in Tenoko Island southeast of Necluda in the Necluda Sea, roughly halfway from the mainland to Eventide Island.


The shrine can be reached through many means, though the easiest is to paraglide from a vantage point. The island is close enough not to warrant using a raft, but that's an option too.

Since Tenoko Island has a raft on it, the shrine provides the closest travel gate to Eventide Island, so unlocking the shrine is recommended.

A Major Test of Strength

The Chaas Queta Shrine is one of the many Major Test of Strength shrines. Defeat a Guardian Scout IV, who wields a Guardian Sword++, Ancient Battle Axe++, and a Guardian Spear++. Once defeated, open the treasure chest to get the Climbing Gear, one of the pieces of the Climbing Set. Then run to the altar and speak with Chaas Qeta to get a Spirit Orb.