Shae Loya Shrine

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Shae Loya Shrine



Due south of the Tabantha Bridge Stable in Hyrule Ridge








Shae Loya Shrine is one of the many Shrine of Trials from Breath of the Wild.


Shae Loya Shrine is located just west of the Seres Scablands and just south of the Tabantha Bridge Stable.

Aim for the Moment

Walk forward and turn to the right to find a ball bouncing up and down on a platform. While it is in the air, use Stasis and then shoot it with a few Arrows. This will change its direction enough so it will fall off the platform and then roll down into a hole. This will cause a nearby platform to turn into a bouncing platform, which Link can use to launch himself in the air.

Link can use this platform and paraglide to where the ball was bouncing. There is a treasure chest here that contains a Topaz gem. A second treasure chest can be found high up on the right side, when facing where the bouncing ball was located. Shoot the two ropes with arrows to cut it down, causing the treasure chest to fall to the ground. This treasure chest could contain a Falcon Bow or Swallow Bow.

Return to the bouncing platform and this time look in the direction of the altar. Allow it to shoot Link up into the air and while Link is at his highest point, shoot the switch with an arrow, causing the gate to open (Tip: Avoid using multi-shot bows as they can trigger the switch more than once). Run over to the altar and speak with Shae Loya to get the Spirit Orb.

Alternatively, being shot by the platform while running towards the hole with the switch will careen Link towards it, after which Link can paraglide into the hole and hit the switch with his melee weapon.