East Post Ruins

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The East Post Ruins are a location found in Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom.

Breath of the Wild

The ruins can be found straddling the border between the Dueling Peaks Tower and Central Tower regions of Hyrule, located just northwest of the Proxim Bridge. The ruins cover a large area of land and they are protected by enemy Moblin and Bokoblin. Three large Red Moblins can be found in this area, along with a Red Bokoblin and Blue Bokoblin. Occasionally swarms of Keese will fly in and at nighttime, Stalkoblins will also appear.

The East Post Ruins are part of a series of ruins located on the pathway that leads eastward towards the Dueling Peaks. The Gatepost Town Ruins are just northwest of the Great Plateau, and following that path southeastward, Link will pass by the Outpost Ruins, before then reaching the East Post Ruins. The entrances near the road are identified by two massive flagpoles at each end of the ruins.

The building at the west end of the ruins has a treasure chest that contains ten Arrows. A second treasure chest can be found in the ruins just northwest of the flagpole next to the bridge and it contains a Traveler's Bow. In the large dilapidated building at the northeast part of the ruins, there are two large metallic doors. They can be pulled away with Magnesis to reveal a treasure chest that contains an Opal gem.

Throughout the ruins, there are a number of rusted weapons and shields found lying on the ground, including a Rusty Claymore, Rusty Halberd, Rusty Broadsword, and Rusty Shield. There is also a Wooden Shield found near the center of the ruins. Warm Darners are found all throughout the area and, if Link cuts down some grass, Restless Crickets, Hightail Lizards, and occasionally a Fairy can be found in the tall grass.

Just east of the ruins, there is a Bokoblin Camp right alongside the Hylia River. If Link defeats all the enemies a treasure chest will appear containing a Soldier's Bow.

The Bosh Kala Shrine can be found located just southeast of the East Post Ruins, on the other side of the road.




Nearby Korok Seeds

Climb the flag pole, then examine the fairy lights.

Climb to the top of the flag pole and examine the fairy lights.

Stand on the stump, then shoot the flying acorns.

Stand on the stump and shoot the flying acorns.

Tears of the Kingdom

The East Post Ruins are found just northwest of the Proxim Bridge, east of the Forest of Time. A Fire Wizzrobe can be found patrolling the area, wielding a Ruby Sword. There are some Aerocuda flying up above the ruins, one of which is holding a Blue Bokoblin which it will drop down.

A treasure chest can be found in the shallow water at the southwest part of the ruins, containing a Ruby. A second treasure chest can be found at the northeast ruins, containing a Soldier's Claymore.

North of the Ruins, there is a large enemy camp with a Blue Boss Bokoblin and numerous other Blue Bokoblin. There is a treasure chest here containing a Spiked-Iron-Ball Sledge.



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