Passeri Greenbelt

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Passeri Greenbelt is a location in Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild

The Passeri Greenbelt is located right at the heart of Hyrule Field, just northeast of the Central Tower. While the center of the greenbelt is fairly quiet, there are Guardian Stalkers all around the perimeter. One can be found at the northwestern end of the greenbelt, with another just south of the greenbelt at the Hyrule Garrison Ruins. Another is found to the east, near the Mabe Village Ruins. It makes reaching this area rather difficult and is certainly not a good place to navigate early on in Link's quest.

A Decayed Guardian can also be found at the far west end of the greenbelt, just north of the Central Tower. Just north of here, there is a Cooking Pot next to a flagpole and a broken down fountain.

There are numerous Korok Seeds that Link can collect in the area.

  • By a lone tree at the southeast part of the greenbelt, near the road. Shoot the Acorn hanging on the broken wagon.
  • In the group of trees to the northeast, there is a pinwheel found near the center of the forest. Stand near the pinwheel and aim to the southwest. Shoot the acorn that is being tossed between the trees.
  • In the group of trees to the northeast, there is a balloon found on top of a tree, to the northwest. Shoot the balloon to get the Korok.
  • In the group of trees to the northwest, one of the trees to the north has an acorn in it that a can be shoot with an arrow.
  • In the group of trees to the northwest, catch the fairy lights that are moving around the area.
  • On top of the flagpole near some ruins at the west end of the greenbelt.
  • Under a rock, just northeast of the Central Tower.




Nearby Korok Seeds

Catch the fairy lights.

They are moving around in the area but can be seen by the glittering trail.

On top of a flagpole.

On top of a flagpole, north of Central Tower.

Stand on the tree stump by the paper windmill and shoot the acorn that is being thrown between two trees to southwest.

Shoot the acorn being thrown between two large trees, fairly close to the ground.

Pick up the rock.

Pick up the rock.

Destroy the acorn in the hole in the side of a tree.

Destroy the acorn.

Pop the balloon on top of the tree.

Pop the balloon.