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"After the Upheaval, these monsters began appearing in Hyrule's cave systems. They have sturdy horns that are perfect for crushing rocks and strong muscles that allow them to traverse cave walls and ceilings as easily as if they were walking on the ground. They often hang from ceilings, waiting for prey."

— In-Game Description

Horriblin is a type of enemy in Tears of the Kingdom. They can be found in caves. They climb on the ceilings and often attack from above, sometimes pulling rocks to throw at Link. When defeated, they often drop Horriblin Horns or Horriblin Claws and rarely drop Horriblin Guts.

Headshotting Horribilins while they are on the ceiling will cause them to fall and land on their rear ends, which they will clutch and yipe in pain for a short time, providing the perfect opportunity to deal continuous damage to them. Holding down a charge attack with a two-handed weapon and spinning into them is an effective way to defeat them before they can resume any further attack.

When Kilton moves to Tarrey Town, a Horriblin of any type is his second request for his Monster Collection, as per the A Monstrous Collection II sidequest.