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Koltin is a character in Tears of the Kingdom.

Tears of the Kingdom

Koltin is a strange, short Hylian who is the younger brother of Kilton, and desires nothing more in life than to become a Satori. His physical appearance distinguishes himself in this way when compared to Kilton, for he has already given himself the light blueish-green skin, the two golden feather-stalks on his head, and similar body markings typical of Satori and Satori-related creatures such as Blupees and Bubbulfrogs. He is hinted to have a similar unusual, animal-like voice as Kilton, though his is higher and more animated in tone. He read in a book that one can become a Satori by eating Bubbul Gems from Bubbulfrogs, and thusly embarks on a personal quest to eat all the Bubbul Gems he can get his hands on.

He and Kilton are both first encountered to the east of Woodland Stable at any time of the day, breaking from Kilton only being encountered at night in Breath of the Wild. When speaking with Kilton, Koltin will soon appear, running out of the nearby Pico Pond Cave in distress over not being able to find any Bubbul Gems. This conversation will begin the The Hunt for Bubbul Gems! side adventure.

If Link gives him a Bubbul Gem, he will give Link a Bokoblin Mask and then eat the gem. Although he does not immediately become a Satori, he is convinced that eating more of them will complete his transformation. He asks that Link bring him more gems in exchange for various treasures he's received. [1] This will end The Hunt for Bubbul Gems! side adventure, and begin The Search for Koltin Side Adventure.

Kilton has left the Fang and Bone in Koltin's care, having purchased land in Tarrey Town in order to pursue his own dream of creating a Monster Collection to display. The Search for Koltin Side Adventure is completed once Link locates Koltin for the first time somewhere in Hyrule during the night, and Koltin expresses despair that he has been unable to find even a single Bubbul Gem. From there, he will begin asking for increasingly larger numbers of Bubbul Gems in exchange for rare monster parts, monster masks, and eventually all three pieces of the Mystic Set, an Armor set designed to resemble a Satori. Like Kilton in the previous game, Koltin will only be seen at night between 8:00 P.M. and 4:00 A.M. from this point on; if Link attempts to talk to him after 4:00 A.M., Koltin will notice the time and tells Link he must be off until encountered on a subsequent night.

Trading Path

The amount of total Bubbul Gems required, and the amount of Bubbul Gems requested for each offering, is as follows:

Item Gems Requested Total Gems Required
Bokoblin Mask 1 1
Moblin Mask 2 3
3 x Hinox Toenail 2 5
Mystic Robe 3 8
8 x Fire Keese Eyeball 3 11
Lizalfos Mask 3 14
5 x Ice-Breath Lizalfos Tail 3 17
Mystic Trousers 4 21
White-Maned Lynel Mace Horn 4 25
Horriblin Mask 4 29
2 x Gleeok Wing 4 33
Lynel Mask 4 37
3 x Gleeok Thunder Horn 4 41
Mystic Headpiece 5 46

After every sum of Bubbul Gems is provided to Koltin, he will exclaim in delight and promptly devour them on the spot. Each time he will describe encroaching sensations, like power is welling up inside of him, before clasping his head and shrieking that he must have more Bubbul Gems. He will then apologize for losing himself for a moment, and give you each item as agreed upon.


After all previous items have been traded for, Koltin will lament that he still has not turned into a Satori despite having eaten all of the previous Bubbul Gems. He then concludes that he will have to eat all 101 remaining Bubbul Gems found throughout Hyrule, and makes the final request that Link find them all and bring them to him, despite feeling guilt that he has nothing left to trade for. Link can talk to him anytime leading up to the fulfillment of this request to learn how many Bubbulfrogs remain in Hyrule, and ask him to sense any Bubbulfrogs nearby in the area. Koltin will give a hint to a random regional location of one. Additionally, leaving a fruit offering at the altar under any Cherry Blossom Tree in Hyrule will make a Satori appear and highlight the location of every cave in the region.

When Link returns to Koltin having acquired all 101 remaining gems, Koltin will remark that he senses ZERO Bubbulfrogs in Hyrule, and express disbelief that Link found every last Bubbul Gem. He will express feeling "happy beyond all happiness" upon receiving them all, and promptly devour them in a single gulp on the spot. This time, he will start glowing very bright, describing the sensation as "strange...and uncomfortable...and...and different from before", and express tremendous excitement that he is at long last transforming into a Satori. His final reward to Link is Koltin's Fabric, a paraglider fabric that resembles and glows like a Satori, which he says he made himself, and requests that you show it to Kilton and give him his best. He thanks Link for joining him on his quest as he chased his dream, saying "You've helped me get this far. No matter the outcome, I have no regrets! NONE!". He looks forward to meeting Link somewhere in some form, and finally undergoes his full transformation in a blinding flash of light. When the light returns to normal, he is shown to have transformed not into a Satori, but an ordinary Blupee. This Blupee scratches its ear and promptly runs off into the distance and vanishes.

Link can then talk to Kilton in Tarrey Town and show him Koltin's Fabric, who will express surprise and disbelief as to what's become of him. Remarking on the end result, he will simply say "I'm sure he's very happy." He will then mention taking the now abandoned Fang and Bone stall to Koltin's favorite place, request that Link make good use of his fabric, and summarize Koltin's life with the words "He always chased his dreams...So I will also do my best to chase mine!". From this point on, the Fang and Bone can be found next to the cherry blossom covered pond on Satori Mountain, empty, and surrounded by Blupees.



  1. "Traveler! I am grateful for your help, but I've decided to set out on a journey to collect Bubbul gems. Next time you get your fingers on a Bubbul gem, please, PLEASE do give it to me. If you do, I'll trade you a gifty from my collection of treasures for it!" — Koltin, Tears of the Kingdom