Forest of Time (Breath of the Wild)

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The Forest of Time is a location found in Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom.

Breath of the Wild

The Forest of Time is located just northeast of the Great Plateau Tower, sandwiched in between the Gatepost Town Ruins and the Outpost Ruins.

Near the center of the forest, there is a small enemy camp with some Red Bokoblin and a Blue Bokoblin. There is also a couple Red Moblins on the outskirts. A wooden chest is found at the camp containing ten Arrows. There numerous rusty weapons near the camp, including a Rusty Halberd, a Rusty Claymore, and a Throwing Spear.

There is a large tower to the northeast with a treasure chest on top that contains an Amber gem. To the southeast there is a tall watchtower with some explosive barrels, overlooking the Outpost Ruins to the south. A treasure chest can be found at the top of the watchtower, containing five Fire Arrows.




Tears of the Kingdom

Found just northeast of the Great Plateau and southwest of Lake Kolomo, the Forest of Time has some dangerous enemies, including a Black Bokoblin.

Just to the east of the Forest of Time, there is a fairly large enemy camp with numerous Blue Bokoblin and some Moblin. The Moblins here will toss explosive Bomb Barrels at Link, so Link will need to approach with caution. At the top of the enemy base, there is a treasure chest that has a Sapphire.

Near the center of the Forest, just southwest of the watchtower, there is another enemy camp of Blue Bokoblin, a Blue Moblin, and a Evermean. A treasure chest can be found in the camp which contains an Emblazoned Shield.

Kamizun Shrine

Main article: Kamizun Shrine

At the east end of the forest, the Kamizun Shrine can be found. This is a Proving Grounds shrine, where all of Link's gear is removed when he enters the shrine.

Korok Seeds

  • At the center of the Forest, there is a large watchtower that Link can climb up. Here he'll find a pinwheel which will spawn three balloons just to the north. Shoot the three balloons to get the Korok Seed.



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