Thundra Plateau

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Thundra Plateau is a location in Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom.

Breath of the Wild

The Thundra Plateau is located just west of the Ridgeland Tower. The plateau is under a perpetual thunderstorm until Link completes the Trial of Thunder shrine quest and makes his way through the Toh Yahsa Shrine. Since it is also a thunderstorm, Link should unequip any metal weapons, bows, or shields, unless he has Unshockable.

The area is filled with Forest Octoroks. There is a very wide variety of creatures and vegetation to find surrounding the plateau, including Thunderwing Butterflies, Electric Darners, Endura Shrooms, Hylian Shrooms, Stamella Shrooms, Hearty Truffles, and Hyrule Herbs.

Trial of Thunder

The paradoxical raincloud above the Thundra Plateau as seen from the Ridgeland Tower; it requires the Trial of Thunder to be cleared to go away.
Main article: Trial of Thunder

When Link first arrives at the Thundra Plateau, this will immediately begin the Shrine Quest. Link will need to get the four colored orbs all on top of the plateau and then place them in their corresponding spots. The Red and Orange orbs are located on the outside of the plateau and Link will need to use Stasis to launch these orbs onto the plateau. Successfully placing all four orbs will complete the quest, causing the Toh Yahsa Shrine to appear.

Toh Yahsa Shrine

Main article: Toh Yahsa Shrine

The Toh Yahsa Shrine appears after completing the Trial of Thunder shrine quest. Inside, Link will find the Rubber Armor before meeting with Toh Yahsa to collect a Spirit Orb.




Nearby Korok Seeds

Catch the fairy lights that run around in the area.

Spot the glittering trail, and run up to it and Examine it.


  • The Plateau is a fortified structure contained by thick walls, so it's not known whether its foundation "plateau" is artificial in nature per se, or whether it was a natural geographic feature which the containing walls were built upon.
  • The walls, columns and statues of the Plateau have architectural Zonai motifs.

Tears of the Kingdom

The Thundra Plateau can be found just southwest of the Lindor's Brow Skyview Tower. The area is surrounded by a shallow marsh.

Just north of the main plateau, underneath one of the large mushrooms, there is a treasure chest partially buried in the ground. Link can pull it up with Ultrahand to get a Sticky Elixir.

Thundra Plateau Cave

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Korok Seeds

  • Just north of the main plateau, there are three logs forming a triangle in the ground. There are some fairy lights floating up in the area, in the middle of this triangle. Link can move the nearby Boulder and place it in the center of the triangle. From there, he can jump up and reach the fairy lights and get the Korok Seed.
  • Just west of the plateau, there is a pile of leaves. Strike a sword to remove the leaves and lift the rock to find a Korok.



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