Bottomless Pond

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Bottomless Pond

The Bottomless Pond is a location found in Tears of the Kingdom.

Tears of the Kingdom

The large body of water is found well southeast of the Lookout Landing and west of the Hylia River. The water itself has a variety of fish-life, including some Hyrule Bass and Staminoka Bass. At the east part of the pond, Link can use Ultrahand to grab a Treasure Chest from underwater which contains a Soldier's Shield.

A bit northwest of the pond, there is a small enemy camp with two Bokoblin and a Moblin. The trio of enemies are protecting a treasure chest which contains five Arrows. More Bokoblin and a Moblin can be found at a camp just south of the pond, guarding a chest that holds a Traveler's Bow.

Previously in Breath of the Wild, there was not nearly as much water in the area and the region was known as the Bottomless Swamp.

Bottomless Pond Well

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Southeast of the Bottomless Pond there is a small enemy camp with a Bokoblin and a Moblin, but the main attraction here is the Bottomless Pond Well. Inside there are some Stalkoblin, a Stalmoblin, and numerous materials, including a Boomerang.

Korok Seeds

  • At the far north end of the pond, up on a ledge, there is a single rock. Link can pick it up to find a Korok Seed.
  • To the southeast of the main pond, there is a much smaller body of water. At the west end of this pond, Link can pick up a rock to get another seed.



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