Romani Plains

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Romani Plains is a location in Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom.

Breath of the Wild

The Romani Plains is an open, grassy plain found at the northeast portion of Hyrule Field. The area is rather dangerous for Link to navigate, due to the surrounding Guardian Stalkers in the area. If Link gets spotted, he can take cover in the Applean Forest, found to the east.

Along the main path, which leads east to the Orsedd Bridge, there are some fallen stone structures that are now rubble. Some of which partially block the path.




Tears of the Kingdom

The Romani Plaines are found just to the northeast of the Lookout Landing.

At the east end of the plains, there is a massive enemy camp with six Bokoblin and a Blue Boss Bokoblin leading the charge. Inside of the camp there is a treasure chest that has a Hinox Hammer. On the higher level of the base, there is a chest that holds three Bomb Flowers.

At the northwest end of the Romani Plains, Link will encounter a Battle Talus. This Stone Talus has five Bokoblin on its head. After defeating the enemy, Link can open the nearby treasure chest, which contains a Ruby gem.

Yamiyo Shrine

Main article: Yamiyo Shrine

The Yamiyo Shrine is one of the main points of interest at the Romani Plains. Given its proximity to the Lookout Landing, this shrine serves as more of an introductary shrine. It introduces Link to the basic mechanics of throwing items at enemies. Inside Link will get some Fire Fruit and a chest that contains three Bomb Flowers.

Korok Seed

Just to the east of the Yamiyo Shrine, there are a series of pillars sticking up from the ground. Climb the one to the northwest to find a flower. Follow the flower trail as it leads to the tallest of the pillars to get the Korok Seed.



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