Hyrule Forest Park

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Hyrule Forest Park is a Landmark in the Central Tower region in Breath of the Wild.


The Hyrule Forest Park is located just east of Hyrule Castle on the East Hyrule Castle island. The park is found on the west side of the island, with its main feature being a small fountain. Link can lift up a rock on top of the fountain to find a Korok Seed.

It is a rather dangerous area to be as there are is a Guardian Stalker that patrols the area, as well as an enemy Stalnox just to the east. The east side of the park is a more wooded area with a variety of animal life including some Woodland Boar, Mountain Buck, and a Grassland Fox.




Nearby Korok Seeds

Lift the stone on top of the fountain.

Pick up the rock on top of the fountain.

Shoot the acorn in the hole in the tree.

Destroy the acorn.