Ludfo's Bog

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Ludfo's Bog is a location in Breath of the Wild.


Ludfo's Bog is located just southwest of the Ridgeland Tower, and southwest of the Thundra Plateau. Much like the Seres Scablands to the south, there are mushroom-like trees found throughout the area.

Near the center of the area, there is a small pond with some slightly deeper water. Link can jump into the circle of lilies to find the Korok. In this pond, there are some Hyrule Bass and Staminoka Bass. Just to the west of this pond, climb up to the very top of the mushroom tree. There is a yellow flower on top of it and every subsequent flower that Link can collect are on lower mushroom trees, until the final flower can be found on the ground level, just northwest of the deeper water. Collect all the flowers to get the Korok Seed.

On the east side of the area, there is a tree stump on the ground and when Link steps on it, a yellow circle appears on one of the mushroom trees. Run over to it in time to collect a Korok. One more Korok can be found on one of the massive mushrooms to the north. The best way to get this one is to use Revali's Gale or first climb some of the adjacent smaller mushrooms. Place the three missing rocks in their appropriate spots to get the seed.


Nearby Korok Seeds

Jump or dive into the circle of water lilies.

Jump or dive into the circle of water lilies.

On top of the giant mushroom, complete the stone circle using 3 nearby rocks.

Complete the stone circle on top of the mushroom. Reaching the top of the mushroom requires a lot of stamina, and Climbing Gear also helps.

Follow the trail of flowers that start on top of the large mushroom tree to the southwest. Note, the final flower is on the floor, not a mushroom.

The flower trail starts on top of the largest mushroom to the southwest. Getting to the top of the large mushroom tree might require a large pool of Stamina, Stamina Elixirs or Climbing Gear. The trail first goes south (staying on top of mushrooms), and then turns east and north, ending at ground level.

Race from ground level just north up to the small mushroom.

Run over the seed platform and race towards the ring that appears to the south of it.