North Hyrule Plain

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The North Hyrule Plain is a location found in Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild

The North Hyrule Plain is located immediately east of the Ridgeland Tower, on the east side of the pathway. The plain includes the Royal Ancient Lab Ruins, located to the north. There are several wild Horses in the area, but the real threat is the number of Black Bokoblin that can be found riding around on horses. As there are six of these Bokoblin in the area, with all of them wielding bows, this can be a very dangerous area for Link to traverse across.

The entire area is filled with tall grass, making it an ideal location to farm Restless Crickets and Hightail Lizards. Link can wear the Stealth Set to increase his stealth ability, preventing the creatures from flying away. There are also some Warm Darners and Summerwing Butterflies found throughout the area.



Nearby Korok Seeds

Solve the block puzzle.

Solve the block puzzle.

Throw a rock into the ring of stones in the water.

Throw a rock into the ring in the water.

Tears of the Kingdom

Serenne Stable has moved to North Hyrule Plain, becoming New Serenne Stable. The Construct geoglyph is also there, with the Dragon's Tear which gives the memory "Where Am I?".

North of the New Serenne Stable, and just northwest of the Geoglyph, Link will find a Battle Talus with several Bokoblin. Once defeated, Link can open the chest to get a Lizal Reaper. Depending on World Level, this item can be as powerful as a Silver Lizal Reaper.

At the west end of the plain, along the pathway, Addison can be seen holding up a Hudson Sign. Link can use the nearby Boards to hold the sign up. As a thanks, Addison will give Link a Red Rupee, some Energizing MUshroom Rice Balls, and a Sleepover Ticket.

Sinakawak Shrine

Main article: Sinakawak Shrine

Sinakawak Shrine can be found in North Hyrule Plain, just west of the New Serenne Stable. Titled An Uplifting Device, it requires Link to light Balloons and have them float up to higher elevations, carrying various items and hitting switches.

North Hyrule Plain Cave

Main article: North Hyrule Plain Cave

The North Hyrule Plain Cave has multiple entrances, with the obvious one found just northwest of the Carok Bridge, on the north side of the main path. Near the north end of the cave, Link can walk through the waterfall to find a room with a chest that holds the Climbing Gear.

Korok Seeds

  • Just northeast of the North Hyrule Plain Cave, there is a three-pronged wooden pedestal. Grab the Boulder that is down the hill and put it on the pedestal to get the Korok Seed.
  • At the east end of the plain, there are some Zonai Ruins. Just west of them, within the Geoglyph, there is a rock. Lift the rock to get a Korok Seed.
  • At the northeast end of North Hyrule Plain, east of the Royal Ancient Lab Ruins down by the water. Step on the stump and glide across the Hyrule Castle Moat to the target to the east to get the Korok Seed.



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