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Geoglyphs are images that appear on the map in Tears of the Kingdom. They are markings created by the ancient Sheikah[1] depicting the visions each Tear imparted.

Tears of the Kingdom

As part of the Impa and the Geoglyphs quest, Link and Impa will head up to the air in a Hot-Air Balloon on North Hyrule Plain, near New Serenne Stable, where they look down on a Geoglyph. These images started to appear on the map after the Upheaval. Impa mentions that each Geoglyph has a Dragon's Tear, somewhere within its borders. When Link investigates the Geoglyph up close, he'll find a small green circular bowl in the ground somewhere, hidden behind the illusion of a solid teardrop until he gets close. When approached, this triggers the Recall rune, showing Link a cutscene of a memory. The first Geoglyph triggers the Where Am I? memory.

As part of The Dragon's Tears quest, Link will travel to the Forgotten Temple. Here he'll see a map of Hyrule, which shows the locations of all of the Geoglyphs in the world. Link can visit these various Geoglyphs, with each containing a Dragon's Tear.

Sprinn wishes to have a picture of a Geoglyph for the empty frame in New Serenne Stable - while he suggests the one immediately outside, he will accept any picture taken within the Surface levels of the Map which shows enough of a Geoglyph.

List of Geoglyphs


  1. "You know, I read something in the village's old literature-a passage about what the ancients called Dragon's Tears. "Where the Tears rest upon the earth, we marked down the images to which they gave birth."" — Impa, Tears of the Kingdom