Talus Plateau

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Talus Plateau is a location in Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild

The Talus Plateau is located at the far east end of the map, a bit southeast of Zora's Domain. The highlight of the area is the large Blue Hinox that can be found sleeping on the ground. The Hinox has a Royal Broadsword, Royal Halberd, and Royal Bow around its neck.

At the northeast area of the Plateau there is a small enemy camp with a Blue Bokoblin, Blue Moblin, and some Keese. The enemies are defending a treasure chest with a Sapphire gem. A second treasure chest can be found at the far northwest end of the plateau. It is partially buried in the ground and it contains a Throwing Spear.




Nearby Korok Seeds

Pop the balloon inside the big stone arch.

Shoot the balloon inside the big stone arch.