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Queen of Hyrule






The Past


Rauru (husband)
Mineru (sister-in-law)
Zelda (descendant)


Voice Actor

Cherami Leigh (English)

Sonia is a character in Tears of the Kingdom.

Tears of the Kingdom


Before meeting Rauru, Sonia was a Hylian priestess. The two married and founded the kingdom of Hyrule. Sonia, like Zelda, has a power over time, which is further enhanced by the Secret Stone she wears.

When Zelda travels back in time, Sonia and Rauru find her lying in the grass. Sonia instinctively realizes who Zelda is, as she can sense that Zelda possesses not only her time power, but Rauru's light power as well. She can tell that Zelda shares a blood connection, and that she is a descendant of them. Soon after, Ganondorf sends a Molduga swarm to attack Hyrule. Zelda and Sonia use their power to aid Rauru in defeating them. Sonia is surprised, as Zelda's power exceeds her own.

Sonia, Zelda, and Rauru are out conversing later on. Zelda knocks a teacup off the table and, before it hits the ground, Sonia uses her Recall ability to bring the cup back to the table. She explains to Zelda how she uses her power over time, hoping to better help Zelda control hers. Sonia can sense that there is more on Zelda's mind than just getting back home - she also wants to help out those living in the past. She is also aware of Zelda's desire to return to Link.

Sonia later converses with Zelda alone, at the latter's request. Sonia had realized this was a ploy, however. The real Zelda and Sonia use their time power to prevent the fake Zelda from attacking Sonia. While the two are looking away, Ganondorf appears behind Sonia, and fatally attacks her. Ganondorf takes Sonia's secret stone, and uses it to become the Demon King.


Sonia is often spoken of in the present, though she rarely appears. The Zonai mural in the Forgotten Foundation, Beneath Hyrule Castle, depicts many of the events of the past, including Rauru and Sonia becoming King and Queen, and Ganondorf's killing of Sonia.

Statues of Rauru and Sonia appear at the end of every Shrine, and give Link a Light of Blessing.

After Link and the Light Dragon have defeated the Demon Dragon and eradicated Ganondorf, the ghosts of Rauru and Sonia appear, and channel their powers through Link's Zonai right arm to turn the Light Dragon back into Zelda, also turning Link's arm into a normal arm in the process. They then vanish permanently into the afterlife.