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Hino is a character from Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild

Hino can be found at the Dueling Peaks Stable. He spends most of his days and nights pondering about the Blood Moon.[1] If Link asks him about the Blood Moon, he will talk about its basic functionality on how monsters will come back to life.[2][3]

Link can also ask Hino about tonight's moon, and what he says will vary from day to day. [4]

As Hino is awake late each night, he does not go to bed until 3am. He sleeps in the stable, waking up each day around 12-noon. At that point he walks over to his spot, just outside of the stable pondering about that night's Blood Moon.

On nights due for a blood moon, Hino will get overly excited and will start to run around in a circle around the stable, celebrating the occasion with blood red text. When the moon begins to rise, and Link asks about tonight's moon, he will say "Tonight is the blood moon, at last..." If Link talks to Hino during a blood moon when the sky is turning red, it will turn blue briefly. After Link is done talking to him, the sky will turn back to red. [5][6][7]



  1. Hmm... Oh, sorry... I didn't notice you... I was a bit lost in thought there. I've been doing rigorous research day and night to figure out the mystery of that blood moon. - Hino
  2. You don't know it? That's inexcusable. Listen up and I'll tell you about it. For 100 years now, every so often when the clock strikes midnight, the sky turns red and a full moon rises... At that moment, monsters that had been previously defeated will come back to life. And that's what is known as the blood moon! Why do the monsters return to life? Why does it only happen when the sky turns red? No one really has the answers to those questions. It's a mysterious phenomenon... If you learn anything about the blood moon as you travel, be sure to come back and tell me. - Hino
  3. Whenever the clock strikes midnight on unlucky nights, the sky turns blood red. That's the blood moon. When that happens, monsters come back to life, no matter how many times you've defeated them. It's happened for so long now that no one really pays it any mind, but I have no plans to give up on my research. - Hino
  4. Tonight's moon will be a little smaller than yesterday's full moon. It's nice in its own way, really... - Hino
  5. It's...so...RED! So gloriously RED! - Hino
  6. Arise, monsters! - Hino
  7. My blood...it's boiling! - Hino