Marblod Plain

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Marblod Plain

Marblod Plain is a location found in Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild

The Marblod Plain is located in central East Necluda, west of Hateno Village and directly south of the Hateno Tower. There are a pair of Bokoblin tree forts right to each other where there are Red Bokoblin, Blue Bokoblin, and a Red Moblin. There are treasure chests atop each of the forts, with one containing an Opal gem and another containing 10 Arrows.

There is a forest at the southwest part of the Marblod Plain and it contains a variety of wildlife, including Mountain Buck, Mountain Doe, and Mountain Goats. One of the trees in this area has an Acorn and it can be shot with an Arrow to get a Korok Seed.

There is small cave in this forest with a small pond and it contains some Ice Keese. Inside the cave there are a variety of Ore Deposits as well as a treasure chest that contains a Purple Rupee.

In the area to the north of the Hateno Tower, there are some wild Horses, as well as some Blue Bokoblin Riding Archers.




Nearby Korok Seeds

One of the trees has too many apples. Remove them until it matches the other two.

Relieve the overburdened tree of its excessive apples until it matches the other two.

Shoot the acorn in the tree.

Shoot the acorn in the tree.