Firly Plateau

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Firly Plateau

Firly Plateau is a location found in Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild

The plateau is located in central East Necluda, just southeast of the Hateno Tower, south of Lake Jarrah, and southwest of Hateno Village. Despite its name, the Firly Plateau is not very flat at all, with a good portion of it on a steady incline that leads southwards to the Stinger Cliffs. There are some wild Horses in the area, along with some enemy Moblin and ChuChu.

At the south part of the plateau there are some ruins that surround a Cooking Pot. Around the area there is an Emblazoned Shield, a Soldier's Spear, a Wooden Shield, and a Wooden Bow.

At the west end of the Plateau, the path travels through a small tunnel where there are some Luminous Stones. On top of the tunnel there are a trio of Apple trees. Pick some apples so the three trees match up to get a Korok to appear. A second Korok can be found at the far east of the Plateau, on the incline that leads up to the Ebon Mountain. Use Magnesis to pickup the metal cube and place it in the correct spot.




Nearby Korok Seeds

Pick up the metal cube and place it back into its correct spot.

Pick up the metal cube and place it back in its correct spot so that both pyramids match.