Stinger Cliffs

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Stinger Cliffs

The Stinger Cliffs is a mountainous area in Breath of the Wild.


Located to the southwest of Ebon Mountain the Stinger Cliffs are a high ground that look over the Hanu Pond and Mount Taran to the west. To the northeast, the cliffs gradually slope downward towards the pathway, which extends eastward to the Loshlo Harbor.

There is a small pond on the Stinger Cliffs with a circle of lilies. Dive into the center to find a Korok. There are some Hyrule Bass found in this small pond. To the northeast of the Stinger Cliffs, there is another small pond near a waterfall that is filled with some Hearty Bass.




Nearby Korok Seeds

Jump or dive into the ring of flower lilies in the water.

Jump into the circle.