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Aerocuda are enemies that appear in Tears of the Kingdom.

Tears of the Kingdom

"An airborne monster that can be recognized by its distinctive cries. They have strong, dexterous feet and can often be seen cruising through the sky with animals or other monsters in their clutches. Thankfully, the breed's lightweight, aerodynamic body makes it easy to shoot down."

— In-Game Description

Aerocuda can be found across Hyrule, usually flying in the air, and near other enemies. They may attack by diving at Link, but also carry Bokoblins, who can attack from above with Arrows. Aside from enemies, they also sometimes carry objects that are meant to harm Link, such as a snowball.

Aerocuda are incredibly weak enemies, taking only one hit to defeat from almost any weapon. When defeated, they drop Aerocuda Eyeballs or Aerocuda Wings. Some also carry around Treasure Chests that can be opened after.